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    I know several people that have gotten all of these weapons already. Kudos to them. I am kind of slow playing it by comparison. I just got my Mag that ...

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  1. Where are you from?

    Halo Universe – Gepostet von LunaticMara am


  2. It's not they days of the week that I'm available that will change, it is the times every day that will generally change, like I mentioned above I generally have wed-fri early mornings and mornings, which is fine, but on Saturdays and sundays, I...

  3. For me it was the god aweful weapon rebalancing that literally nobody asked for. Now we got a useless br and an overpowered magnum that’s an annoying and boring meta It was fault of that? Damn it Magnum it really annoys me. I use it a lot because...

  4. Matchmaking

    Halo: Reach and Legacy Halo – Gepostet von Raid Win am

    Haven’t been able to find a match since Sunday night, same with 20+ people I have added who play as well.

  5. I am having the same problem as you, and it seems every other person trying to search on both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach are having this problem.

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  1. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Legendary Achilles 4

    96/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 25.08.2018

    If we are full join Legendary Achilles 7 or Legendary Achilles 6.

    Est. 12/27/18

    ❗️If we are full apply anyway. We clear the roster of inactives daily ❗️
    ❗️Default Apps will be rejected❗️

    Countless helmets earned under under countless Legendary Achilles leaders and greats.

    We accept anyone and everyone. If you can contribute you can stay. Anyone not in our Discord chat after 48 hours of joining will be removed.

    While leadership does need to be firm in enforcing the rules make no mistake, the Legendary Achilles 4 leadership is a primarily laid back group. We are always looking for a good lobby to join with our members and having a fun time in chat.

    1. You must join our Discord server. Important announcements and weekly messages and updates will be posted in our group chat. It is also vital that you see our commendation list. Should you ever have questions that need answered it is more likely that leadership will respond quicker on Discord rather than Waypoint.
    2. Respect leadership. There should be no need to expand further on this rule. Leadership has been chosen and approved by past Legendary Achilles leaders. Doubting leadership here is doubting past LA leaders.
    3. When the Commendation phase begins all members must put in 300 minutes a WEEK minimum. This is the bare minimum you can do to make a dent in your comms. (Time In Firefight and Custom Games will not be counted towards this time). If you do not believe you can achieve this due to vacation, exams, holidays, etc. you need to message Jun, ssokphat, Trout, or Nordic as soon as possible. Failure to do this may result in your discharge.
    4. Don’t get upset if you get removed for less activity, comm incompletion, behavior, etc. No one here controls you. It is your conscious decision to choose to play Halo over other games. Should other games keep you from completing your time requirement or your comm completion you may be discharged.

    Always strive to be active in Discord chat rooms. Countless friends have been made in Legendary Achilles existence. Look to join lobbies made by the LT’s. Doing these simple things will insure you get the armor and helmet as fast as humanly possible.

    Jun conducts discharges daily for inactivity and poor comm %.

    ❗️NOTE❗️ When you enter the #reception room on Discord, make sure you change your Discord user name to your gamertag and comment “Here to join LA4” or something mentioning LA4. You will not sit at the door for longer than 7 hours. Jun, ssokphat, Trout, and Nordic are on Discord most of the day (across USA time zones). We will get you into the chat rooms as soon as we can!

    Discord Link:

    Armor completion: Completed 2/24/19
    Helmet completion: 52.11%

  2. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Legendary Achilles 3

    98/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 25.08.2018

    Welcome to Legendary Achilles 3! Our sole goal is to obtain Achilles. Our first two companies have been among the fastest on record to complete the Achilles grind and we decided to do it all over again. LA3 leadership has grinded out 16 helmets collectively so we know how to get it done efficiently and quickly.

    if we are full or you are rejected, join Legendary Achilles 6 or Legendary Achilles 7.

    Armor Completed: 2/7/19
    Helmet progress: 75.46%

    We welcome anyone that has the desire to contribute to our progress and get Achilles. We want you to understand that there are goals we all need to work for and by requesting to join and if you are accepted into the company, you agree to the following:

    1. I will read the waypoint bio and weekly messages posted by leadership on discord
    2. I agree to respect other members in the Legendary Achilles community
    3. I will join the Discord server within 48 hours of being accepted to the company. (Discord allows you to track your personal commendation targets and company progress. You can find the discord link in our private company forums. The link only works if you are a member of LA3).
    4. I will put company goals above my own
    5. I will complete my personal commendation targets (targets are listed on discord.)
    6. I will spend at least 300 minutes per week in arena and regular warzone
    7. I will limit my time in customs, fiesta, infection and firefight to 150 minutes per week
    8. I have a minimum CSR of plat 1 and I have a minimum SR of 50
    If you agree to the above contract, then put “I will join Discord” into your request to join.
    Breaking the above contract will result in your removal from the company.

  3. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Hydra Corps

    100/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 02.05.2018

    You must first apply to Chimera Corps (English) or Kraken Corps (Spanish) - our two new sister companies. Think of it as a trial run to earn your spot. We only recruit members from these two companies.

    Welcome! We are "The Corps" & we are happy to have you as part of our growing community. When you join one of our companies you are part of "The Corps":

    Hydra Corps - Original company & now FULL.
    Chimera Corps - English Speaking & grinding for the Achilles Armor and Helmet!
    Kraken Corps - Spanish Speaking & grinding for the Achilles Armor and Helmet!

    All three companies share a Discord where we chat, team up and host tournaments. Our members range from the casual player to hardcore. Building community and friendship is what we do best! Having fun is our number one goal.

    We're making fast progress on commendations!
    COMPLETED: [Achilles Armor] (10.10.2018)
    LOADING... [Achilles Helmet]-------------------[99%]-

    MANDATORY Requirements

    • Be active on Halo 5 Arena & Warzone.
    • Be friendly & mature - treat all members with fairness & respect.
    • Meet the minimum commendation requirements - see the #tournament channel.
    • Join Discord server AFTER accepted using the link here: "The Corps" Discord Server.
    Follow us on Instagram: "The Corps" Instagram
    Check out our YouTube Montage: HC Montage
    Führer xHagelBagelx
    General WavyOwl00204
    Colonel CrimsonwolfDE Amb. 🇩🇪
    Captain PMS Calypso
    Lieutenant (Noble) Tlaloc223
    Lieutenant (Osiris) DetachedLeader
    Lieutenant (Apex) RiggedDynamo
    Lieutenant (Wolf) HC Proteus Amb. 🇫🇷 MIA - (Leader of Chimera Corps)
    Lieutenant (Sword) WreckinCrew91
    Lieutenant (Shadow) a254178u
    Lieutenant (Echo) Lukas1157
    Lieutenant (Black) Conde2720 Amb. 🇲🇽 - (Leader of Kraken Corps)
    Fireteam Noble (Español)
    Fireteam Sgt. cc EL CATRIN cc
    Fireteam Cpl. spartan pro 014
    DVNM Twomee
    Fireteam Osiris
    Fireteam Sgt. MeandrousAsh2
    Fireteam Cpl. Inert Neutrino
    The FoOz
    PTSI 93
    Zeus Cerido
    A Twisted Lady
    Fireteam Apex
    Fireteam Sgt. pinpoint404
    Fireteam Cpl. open
    HoodBoy NDA
    Fireteam Wolf
    Fireteam Sgt. Headhunter Z3rO
    Fireteam Cpl. twistedsteel27
    DHG GameMaster
    I Chris I7
    Fireteam Sword
    Fireteam Sgt. VividSnow
    Fireteam Cpl. Eric Murdock
    SHERRIFF 04 16
    Fireteam Echo
    Fireteam Sgt. Waffles XII
    Fireteam Cpl. UG IIWxnterrrr
    Miike BEASTon
    x inept idiot x
    D0riTOmaN 420
    Fireteam Shadow
    Fireteam Sgt. XboxLive 36T
    Fireteam Cpl. Konnjon
    xix whodey xix
    Skyxqueen X
    A Mad Nuker
    Fireteam Black (Español)
    Fireteam Sgt. WonderGryphon2
    Fireteam Cpl. PHYZH TSH
    Pink Mari
    Nezt 26
    Assignment Pending: Direwolf182
    Holy Jehoshaphat
    Hail Hydra!

  4. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Legendary Achilles 7

    100/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 22.12.2018

    Before you apply you must have a current season rank in SWAT, Arena, Slayer, Doubles or Free For All it does not matter the rank. To get the needed commendations you will have to play these play list. If you are not ranked your request will be denied.

    In your join request please acknowledge that you have read and understand what is required.

    Disclaimer:We are first and foremost a grind company, once you are accepted you are expected to grind. The current playing time is a MINIMUM of 200 minutes and do not be inactive for 7 days, even then there are commendation requirements that MUST be met or you will be discharged. Only the strong survive, so if this sounds like fun, let's see what ya got!

    The Legendary Achilles Army continues to grow. This is our 7th legion. LA leadership has grinded out over 25 helmets collectively and we wish to continue our helmet grind dominance. We grind out helmets for breakfast, it's what we do. If you want to be a part of it, read more below.</p>

    We have built a reputation with over 600 members in the H5 community. If you are playing a ranked or warzone game, chances are an LA member will be on one team in the game.

    If we are full Legendary Achilles 6 is also grinding for the Armor.

    Armor Progress: 53.38%
    Helmet Progress: 17.44%

    Current requirements (subject to change):
    1. Join our Discord server at When you arrive in reception just state your GT and that you are there to join LA7.
    2. Track your weekly targets using our Discord bot
    3. Respect other members of the LA community
    4. Be active with at least 200 minutes of Arena and/or Warzone weekly.
    5. War Zone Fire Fight, Any Super Fiesta and Infection minutes should not exceed your Arena and War Zone Minutes. (This will get you discharged)
    6. Do not be inactive for 7 consecutive days with out notifying leadership.
    7. If you do not join the discord server within 48 hour you may be removed from the company.

  5. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Team Head Hunters

    100/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 19.10.2015


    Note: if you are not willing to read below, DO NOT SEND A JOIN REQUEST!

    We are a Company who enjoys playing all types of gameplay and is in hot pursuit of the Achilles Helmet!. We are recruiting at this time for members of the following stature:
    -Play H5 Warzone and BTB as most of our 5 commendations left are related to those game types: SPLATTERS, MARINE KILLS, GROUND VEHICLE KILLS, BUCKLE UPS and SPARTAN CHARGES.
    -Plays Halo 5.(anyone that doesn't play H5 for a long time period will be discharged due to lack of participation)
    -Must have a working microphone and communicate with teammates during gameplay.
    -Have a good teamwork ethic.
    -Friend at least the company leader and lieutenants.
    -Interested in working to achieve a common goal.

    At this time due to our member count being so high, we are being selective about our new recruits. We are highly inretested in members who are hungry to grind for completion of the few commendations we have left.

    Once you are enlisted in the company, there is a Team Head Hunters Discord chat channel as well to enhance communication. To join, download the Discord app and send a request to me or the lieutenants. Set your account up with your gamertag as your account name so we all will know who you are...

    If you would like to be a part of a great Spartan Team, please PM me or send a join request deleting the default text and explaining what you can contribute to the team and if you were recruited by someone, include their name.

    Before sending join requests, ensure you are not in a spartan company. All join requests sent who have other spartan company involvement will be rejected.

    Thanks, Rock(Leader)

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