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    Der Halo Channel ist ein interaktiver digitaler Sender, der einen noch nie dagewesenen personalisierten Zugang zum Halo-Universum bietet.

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    Halo Wars 2 ist ein aufregendes neues Strategiespiel mit actionreichen, groß angelegten Schlachten und einer brandneuen Halo-Story für die Xbox One und Windows 10 ...

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  1. we need team vehicles

    Halo Infinite – Gepostet von Happy Place8166 am

    I don't play multiplayer much, so forgive me if this is already a thing but... I would love to have the Scarab and Mammoth as playable vehicles. Perhaps there's opportunity there for a big team battle where the two function as mobile bases in a...

  2. Hi, I just wanted to start this topic to draw more attention to this youtube video by Favyn to hopefully let anyone from 343 Industries draw inspiration from it and I hope it makes Halo an even more awesome franchise in the future. Thank you...

  3. Same issue here. I've tried almost everything I can think of and it won't unlock. All my times are in coop (2:54:19) but I have every level as completed on legendary both in solo and coop. All the correct times show in game and on this site...

  4. Im glad its back husky raid for life

  5. Those achievements are not working at all, in the same way some legendary medals are not being awarded ( steaktacular ). It seems that the counter has got resetted sometimes. So it is really difficult to complete the achievement or to just look your...

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  1. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Digital Cowboys

    95/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 22.12.2015


    Thank you to all the members of Digital Cowboys who have contributed to the completion of our goal! It's been a long journey that I hope ended with a satisfying close. All restrictions have been lifted as far as playtime and activity - If Spartan Companies continue into Halo Infinite, Digital Cowboys will surely be there day 1!

    Digital Cowboys is a spartan company dedicated to completing all commendations. We don't have any crazy requirements to join, other than just being active. Our core group is active most nights of the week in both Warzone and Arena playlists. While our focus is completing all commendations in the game, we also want to utilize the company to form pre-made Warzone groups and grind Arena playlists. Any spartan who is active and also seeking commendations is welcome to join. Special thanks to b01000100 for providing our company with commendation tracking tools, including Discord integration.

    Goals of Digital Cowboys:

    • 100% Commendation Completion
    • Forming Pre-Made Warzone Groups
    • Grinding Arena Playlists
    • Having Fun

  2. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Legendary Achilles 3

    96/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 25.08.2018

    Welcome to Legendary Achilles 3! Our sole goal is to obtain Achilles. Our first two companies have been among the fastest on record to complete the Achilles grind and we decided to do it all over again. LA3 leadership has grinded out 12 helmets collectively so we know how to get it done efficiently and quickly.

    Armor progress: 63.11%
    Helmet progress: In progress

    We welcome anyone that has the desire to contribute to our progress and get Achilles. We want you to understand that there are goals we all need to work for and by requesting to join and if you are accepted into the company, you agree to the following:

    1. I agree to respect other members in the Legendary Achilles community
    2. I will join the Discord server (Discord allows you to track your stats and company progress. You can find the discord link in our private company forums).
    3. I will put company goals above my own
    4. I will spend at least 300 minutes per week in arena and regular warzone
    5. I will limit my time in fiesta, infection and firefight to 90 minutes per week
    6. I will limit my time in customs to 60 minutes per week
    7. I will work on my commendations listed in the bot on Discord
    8. I have a minimum CSR of plat 1 and I have a minimum SR of 50
    If you agree to the above contract, then put “I will join Discord” into your request to join.
    Breaking the above contract will result in your removal from the company.

  3. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Legendary Achilles 5

    100/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 22.12.2018

    TO JOIN:
    -Put in your message that you will join the discord and how much you play upon average
    -Have at least 1.0 KD in Arena
    -Have experience in Warzone

    Rules of the company:
    -Play at least 250 minutes a week
    -Complete the set commendations for achieving the helmet
    -Play under 60 minutes of Firefight, Super Fiesta, Forge, Campaign and Customs per week. This being it does not contribute to the companies progress. If you are over this it will result in a discharge.
    -Respect leadership of the company
    -Minimum minutes and poor efforts on commendations will result in a warning and then discharges

    Once accepted you will need to do the following to REMAIN IN COMPANY:
    -Join our Discord server. Discord is REQUIRED for all company members as there is individual commendations each player needs to achieve which can only be found in the Discord server's bot.
    -Make sure your Halo name and Discord name match.
    -When you arrive in the Discord reception lobby post the following: "This is [your gamertag] checking in to join Legendary Achilles 5" and we will add you to channels.

    Armor completion: 37.82%
    Helmet completion: 11.36%

  4. Spartan-Kompanieemblem


    72/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 08.07.2018

    Invite only. ALL requests are denied or blocked.

    Members Social Media

  5. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Legendary Achilles 4

    91/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 25.08.2018

    If we are full join Legendary Achilles 5 here:

    ❗️If we are full apply anyway. We clear the roster of inactives daily ❗️
    ❗️Default Apps will be rejected❗️

    Countless helmets earned under under countless Legendary Achilles leaders and greats.

    We accept anyone and everyone. If you can contribute you can stay. Anyone not in our Discord chat after 48 hours of joining will be removed.

    While leadership does need to be firm in enforcing the rules make no mistake, the Legendary Achilles 4 leadership is a primarily laid back group. We are always looking for a good lobby to join with our members and having a fun time in chat.

    1. You must join our Discord server. Important announcements and weekly messages and updates will be posted in our group chat. It is also vital that you see our commendation list. Should you ever have questions that need answered it is more likely that leadership will respond quicker on Discord rather than Waypoint.
    2. Respect leadership. There should be no need to expand further on this rule. Leadership has been chosen and approved by past Legendary Achilles leaders. Doubting leadership here is doubting past LA leaders.
    3. When the Commendation phase begins all members must put in 300 minutes a WEEK minimum. This is the bare minimum you can do to make a dent in your comms. (Time In Firefight and Custom Games will not be counted towards this time). If you do not believe you can achieve this due to vacation, exams, holidays, etc. you need to message Jun or Pringles as soon as possible. Failure to do this may result in your discharge.
    4. Don’t get upset if you get removed for less activity, comm incompletion, behavior, etc. No one here controls you. It is your conscious decision to choose to play Halo over other games. Should other games keep you from completing your time requirement or your comm completion you may be discharged.

    Always strive to be active in Discord chat rooms. Countless friends have been made in Legendary Achilles existence. Look to join lobbies made by the LT’s. Doing these simple things will insure you get the armor and helmet as fast as humanly possible.

    Jun conducts discharges daily for inactivity and poor comm %.

    ❗️NOTE❗️ When you enter the #reception room on Discord, make sure you change your Discord user name to your gamertag and comment “Here to join LA4” or something mentioning LA4. You will not sit at the door for longer than 7 hours. Jun and Pringles are on Discord most of the day (across USA time zones). We will get you into the chat rooms as soon as we can!

    Discord Link:

    Armor completion: 43.65%
    Helmet completion: 13.13%

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