Each game released into The Master Chief Collection also adds its own multiplayer maps, modes and game types. The ultimate Halo multiplayer experience begins with the launch of Halo: Reach, with all other titles released in the upcoming year.When finished, the collection will have the most diverse and expansive Halo multiplayer experience to date, with more than 140 multiplayer maps.



    Im Jahre 2552 entdeckte die Allianz den Planeten Reach. Das UNSC startete eine in ihrer Größe beispiellose Offensive gegen die Kriegsmaschinerie der Aliens, doch im Herzen des Konflikts stand das Noble-Team, eine kleine Gruppe äußerst erfahrener und professioneller Soldaten, bereit, dem Gegner im direkten Kampf gegenüberzutreten.

  3. Halo Infinite | Spiele

    The Master Chief returns in the next chapter of the legendary franchise in “Halo Infinite.” Developed by 343 Industries and created with the studio’s new Slipspace Engine, “Halo Infinite” debuted at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise that leads it into new and unexpected directions.

  4. Halo Channel | Channel

    *Gewisse Features wie das Betrachten eigens für Halo produzierter Sendungen und Unterhaltungsprogramme sowie das direkte Starten eines “Halo”-Titels erfordern möglicherweise den Erwerb bestimmter Inhalte und/oder einer Xbox Live Gold-Mitgliedschaft, bevor Sie über den Halo Channel verfügbar sind.

  5. Steuerung und Funktionen | Channel

    Bei Benutzung des Halo Channels in Windows gilt die Standardeinstellung für die Steuerung per Touchscreen/Maus. Tippen bzw. klicken Sie auf ein Menü, um es zu erweitern. Zum Auswählen tippen bzw. klicken Sie ein zweites Mal auf die gewünschte Option. Mit “Zurück” gelangen Sie zum vorherigen ...

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  1. It probably depends on their clan. I think that was the reason we went from hairy Halo 2 Brutes to the more shaven variety from 3 onward. Even think that was used to describe different Brutes in the short story “Stomping on the Heels of a...

  2. I can't imagine retailers charging $69.99 for a standard edition game. But then again there's alot we don't know going on with changes and upgrades in gaming so I guess anything is possible.

  3. I first and foremost would like to see the full backlog of original modes be there at launch. I personally don't like invasion but if playable Elites (or even Brutes) are a thing sure why not.

  4. Firefight Flood

    Halo Infinite – Gepostet von Tacymist am

    Imagine if its like a glitch in the system like the Roland has the logic plague and corrupts the simulation. I'm not saying Roland is or is going to be infected with it but it would be cool to see the simulation all corrupted. Or maybe its an event...

  5. A Mic Required Playlist

    Halo Infinite – Gepostet von speedyjr11 am

    Yea... no I'll pass. It'll be the same thing I did when MW2 did it back in the day. Mute everyone I'm not friends with. Also hated not being able to mute people in the pre-game lobby on Halo 5 because 90% of the time it was someone eating...

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  1. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    AMBU team

    97/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 23.06.2019

    AMBU Team is a VERY ACTIVE company!

    We’re looking for:

    • SWAT Players
    • Warzone players


    1. As a most important requirement, you should keep in mind that you can only enter if you are a fully active player who often plays in Warzone and Arena. Player Playlist Activity will be reviewed periodically, your Playlist Activity will determine if you can continue to be part of AMBU Team.
    2. Only players with sufficient qualifying experience are accepted in the game (unrated players may be rejected) .
    3. Your SR (Spartan Rank) will be taken into account, although it will not be the most important factor to be accepted into AMBU Team, since everything will depend on your service record where your daily activity within Halo 5 will be reviewed. Having a higher level to 140 will increase your chances of entry.
    4. Once in AMBU Team, you should focus on helping to complete all the Kill Commendations.
    5. If at any time you are struggling and are unable to play Halo 5 for a long time, you should report the news via a Waypoint message.
    These are the Kill Commendations / Medals that should be worked on.
    • Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground vehicle.
    • Kill an enemy trying to hijack or hijack a vehicle.
    • Kill an enemy Spartan with any grenade.
    • Protect a teammate.
    • Kill the driver of a moving enemy vehicle with a sniper rifle. (priority)
    • Hijack a vehicle or Skyjack a flying vehicle.
    • Kill an enemy Spartan with a shoulder dash. (priority)
    • Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground pound. (priority)
    • Kill a Spartan enemy with a head shot. (priority)
    • Kill an opponent by hitting him with a vehicle.
    • Kill a Spartan enemy with a Standard weapon. (priority)
    • Kill Marines. (priority) .
    • Kill an enemy Spartan when your health is low and survive.
    • Kill an opponent who shot you first.
    • Assassinate enemy Spartans. (priority)
    • Kill a Spartan enemy with melee.
    • Get the Cluster Luck, Last Shot, Syonara or Fastball medal.
    • Get the first kill of a game.
    • Kill a Spartan enemy from a long distance.
    • Kill a player with precision weapons without missing. (priority)

    When will we get the Achilles set?
    According to calculations, we will get the complete set in the last quarter of 2020 before the release of Halo infinite.

    Do we speak only English or also Spanish?
    30% at AMBU speak Spanish from Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

    What is considered an inactive member?
    3 days without playing Halo 5.

    Is there a means or forum through which to communicate with the Leader or the Lieutenant and other members of the company?
    No, only by direct message on Xbox Live or via Halo Waypoint.

    Are there more rewards apart from armor?
    Different Req packs will be earned each time a 4/5 or 5/5 objective is completed that will appear in your inventory.

  2. Spartan-Kompanieemblem


    88/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 19.10.2015


  3. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    HaloInfinite Mexico

    74/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 23.06.2019

    HaloInfinite Mexico esta reclutando Spartans dedicados al adiestramiento y perfección en el campo de batalla, siempre enfocados en la victoria, si eres un Spartan dedicado, esta Compañía es la indicada para ti.

    Nuestro objetivo principal es completar las condecoraciones al 100%, asimismo seguirnos preparando y puliendo nuestras habilidades de cara a la siguiente entrega: Halo Infinite.


    Favor de leer detenidamente, si se compromete a cumplir con los requisitos, puede proceder a enviar su solicitud:

    1.- De preferencia mínimo ser nivel 100, si eres de menor nivel pero estas comprometido a cumplir con los puntos 2 y 3, entonces eres bienvenido.

    2.- Ser ACTIVO en Halo 5.
    Cada 11 días se realizan BANEOS de inactivos.

    3.- ENFOCARSE en las condecoraciónes faltantes para conseguir el 100%.

    PÁGINA DE FACEBOOK: HaloInfinite Mexico
    CLUB EN XBOX: Halo Infinite Mexico

    • Cada 2 meses (aprox) se realizan torneos internos amistosos con premio para el ganador (dependiendo la demanda) con el objetivo de que haya una mayor interacción entre los miembros y una mejora continúa de cada uno.

    Contamos con grupo de WhatsApp para que todos los miembros estemos en constante comunicación para tratar todos los temas relacionados a la compañía.
    Asimismo para que nos compartan sus clips los cuales subiremos a la PÁGINA DE FACEBOOK

    Dinámicas para ganar premios que van desde REQ packs, hasta Membresías Xbox Live Gold.

    • Realizamos partidas de entrenamiento (todos vs todos o 1 vs 1) para la mejora continua de todos los miembros.

    Emblema "Casco" con los colores representativos de nuestra compañía (Plata, Bermellón, Pimienta), esto con el fin de vernos imponentes en el campo de batalla, ser identificados como compañía/comunidad, e incluso intimidar al adversario al darse cuenta que se enfrentará a un equipo completo.

    • BLACK TEAM •
    Descripción: Equipo de operaciones especiales, el cual cumplió con excelencia su misión de matar marines, convirtiéndose en pieza fundamental para completar esa condecoración.
    - braingame911
    - sG lDark Hunter
    - ElGranEdd7
    - Tiwu Z28
    - jokerhp21
    - Byleth4
    - DanteErnes

    ▪ En base a tu actividad, apoyo, manejo, interés y compromiso mostrado hacia la compañía, se te considerará para ascenderte a Teniente y/o Administrador. ▪

    Atentamente la administración:
    LÍDER: sG lDark Hunter
    TENIENTE: braingame911
    TENIENTE: El Iguana7696
    TENIENTE: yisuz crist lml

  4. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    5280 Guardians

    86/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 06.12.2017

    Fighting to achieve Achilles Armor 👊 We are currently recruiting

    5280 Guardians needs WARZONE Spartans to help with Marine kills for Achilles Armor
    Warzone Firefight doesn't help our company

    Searching for Halo 5 Spartans that are ready 2 achieve Achilles Armor
    We are near completion for armor and want serious Spartans to help with the remaining commedations



    We currently have 86 members. No special requirements. Only a few commendations left

    Over all it's all about having fun in HALO 5 Guardians

  5. Spartan-Kompanieemblem


    88/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 08.07.2018

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    Check them out!

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