1. Halo 5: Forge

    Halo 5: Forge

    With Halo 5: Forge, the entire Forge experience from Halo 5: Guardians comes to Windows 10, with support for mouse and keyboard, the ability to host and play custom matches for up to 16 players, and a new content browser that spans platforms.

  2. Halo Insider Program | Community

    Become a Halo Insider. The Halo Insider Program is the new way Halo fans and community members can partner with 343 Industries to improve our games, products, and services. As a Halo Insider, you’ll have the opportunity to regularly provide feedback and insights that help shape and inform current franchise initiatives and the future of Halo.

  3. Keyboard mouse/Series X Key Bindings not saved MP | Halo: The Master Chief Collection ...

    Hey all, thank you in advance. got a SteelSeries keyboard/mouse for xbox series x = spent some time adjusting the bindings. Made sure it matches for all halo titles. went to start MP and none of the new changes working. no issues in campaign

  4. Halo Channel | Channel

    Galerie zum Halo Channel. *Gewisse Features wie das Betrachten eigens für Halo produzierter Sendungen und Unterhaltungsprogramme sowie das direkte Starten eines “Halo”-Titels erfordern möglicherweise den Erwerb bestimmter Inhalte und/oder einer Xbox Live Gold-Mitgliedschaft, bevor Sie über den Halo Channel verfügbar sind.

  5. Why no season 9 and 10? | Halo: The Master Chief Collection | Forums | Halo - Official Site

    This last season with the new Skyrim armor seems.. worthless (at least for me) We will probably see the Halo Master Chief Collection getting a Season 9 and a Season 10 somewhere in 2022. If I had to guess, we could see Halo MCC Season 9 and Halo MCC Season 10 coming out either on July 2022 or on August 2022. Show More Show Less.

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  1. I’m stuck between 60-65fps and it feels choppy as hell. I have an i7 9700k and an Aorus 5700 XT. This is at high settings at 1440p. Games like COD and BF I get 120 - 145fps on high as well. 🤨🤨

  2. I know that we’re still relatively far off from Season 8, but what do you think will be in Season 8 when we get it? I’ll start. CGB gains Halos 3,4 Two or three maps from Halo Online get added to the custom games in 3 H2C and CE get new...

  3. 1. TIMERS: Eliminate weapon/equipment timers and AI heads-ups from ranked play. Talented players will do just fine using their own map awareness. I don’t mind keeping these features in during social matches. 2. STILL TOO MUCH DIALOGUE. Give us the...

  4. Feedback for training mode: Absolutely fantastic addition to the game. Thank you. Very nice to have when getting back into Halo. The bots are a work of art. great work on the bots, especially Spartan difficulty level. Exited to see the enemy AI in the...

  5. I get the sentiment, but at least as it's been described and show so far, the majority of the challenges that you'll earn are very basic, and don't make people stray far from regular play. i.e., for daily challenges (that reset multiple times...

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  1. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Achilles Helm and Armor

    100/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 09.10.2016

    We are a Clan Solely dedicated to every member reaching Max Rank 152.

    Join Us and grind XP.

    Company Achievements:
    Achilles Armor Unlocked: 06/24/2017
    Achilles Helmet Unlocked: 07/09/2019

    *Achilles is not availible to new members. The armor is unlocked by the system for all members of the clan, who were members at the time the kill achievements were completed. Leadership does not have the ability to give Achilles to new members.

  2. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    117 Ways To Die

    100/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 02.01.2018

    Our Discord Server is open to EVERYONE 16+! Click here!
    -Waypoint full but still accepting applications-

    117 Ways To Die is a large Halo community on Discord. Active across Xbox & PC, we play every major Halo title with our focus on H5 & MCC. We’re an all inclusive and pretty chill group, with most of us being long time Halo players. It's important to us to have a place to play the games, have fun, and maintain a respectful and friendly group where everyone can feel welcome.

    We’re not an Achilles grind company, but we are close to the helmet. We’re a more laid back group. So if you just wanna chill & play some Halo, join us, you’ll fit right in!

    • With a Discord Server of 300+ gamers across Xbox & PC, you should always find a group to play with!
    • Active on H5, MCC & we’re ready for Infinite
    • We host regular gamenights, contests & competitions with prizes
    • Join our large group of SR-152 grinders before Infinite drops
    To increase your chances of being accepted:
    • Submit a non-generic application including your age
    • Join the Discord
    • Have played 15 games of PVP matchmaking in the last week
    • Apply to 117 Ways To Kill while you wait
    The games played simply gets you in faster - otherwise, all requests are accepted in the order they are received.

    Achilles commendation progress below for those interested ⬇️
    We do have a few rules listed below ⬇️
    If you have any questions please DM a leader listed below ⬇️

  3. Spartan-Kompanieemblem


    94/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 15.04.2021

    Warzone & Arena

    Rxege - Instagram | Twitter
    •Mikrenn - Twitter |
    Siryst - Instagram |
    •Sigthy - Instagram |
    iVirtztaker - Instagram | YouTube
    vDYXY - Instagram |
    Drufter - Twitch | Twitter |
    •Heous - Twitch | Twitter |
    •Vissolve - Instagram |
    Cenfuria -Twitch | Instagram | YouTube
    Esteller1707 - Instagram |
    •Sefdy - Instagram |
    Omegxz - Instagram |
    Negvty - Instagram |
    •Fresvty - Instagram |
    Euphxry - YouTube |
    •Akhuisa - Instagram |
    Hozrier - Instagram |

  4. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Pure Talent

    96/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 04.07.2019


    We need warzone players! Without warzone there is no helmet! Looking for players who are active and actually willing to contribute towards the last commendation. If your looking for a free ride to the helmet then keep looking!

    We often check the frequency and status of your games played to see who’s been contributing to the remaining commendations and who hasn’t been. So if haven’t been contributing or not playing much, you will be replaced.


    Leader: ExtortioN Ftw
    Lieutenant: STRUCKED PORTAL
    Lieutenant: xCyderr

  5. Spartan-Kompanieemblem

    Army of the Shadows

    100/100 Mitglieder
    Gegründet: 07.06.2017

    Welcome to the Army of the Shadows Official Spartan Company!

    👻We are making a company which is working towards the full set of Achilles....... so join the Shadows👻

    • Achilles armour unlocked 21/4/18
    Our spartan company is called Army of the Shadows, and we are at 93% commendations I know we would be honoured, if you would join us to get the Achilles helmet see you in the field Spartan!

    Sorry our Spartan company is currently full you can try again when we are less than 100 members

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