1. Does anyone know when the current ranked season ends, and Winter 2018 season starts? We are getting close to the 2 month average for a season.

  2. How does one obtain their MMR for specific playlists? I’m looking for mine, GlacierJax for Slayer and SWAT

  3. Ranked Arena Grind Teams

    Recruiting - Posted By GlacierJax On

    Hello all, I am a Lt for the River of Styx spartan company and we are looking to add some higher caliber players. We have a mix off all ranks and skill sets, but in lights of HCS we have recently had the desire to start up a few established competitive...

  4. Thanks for the link

  5. Has anyone heard word on when the July-August 2018 season is going to end? We are 3 days into September and there isn’t any indication yet.

  6. Hello Spartans, The River of Styx is looking for active Spartans looking to follow Achilles in the waters of greatness. We are a new company starting the grind for the set. Our founders are former Lts from the great Hydra Corps and we have simple goals...