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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Jul Mdamas Covenant

    44/100 Members
    Est. 2017-09-25


    Large Faction, many species:

    (Lead) : Twitter | Twitch
    Fro2thathunda : Twitter | Instagram

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    Virtually Unbreakable

    97/100 Members
    Est. 2017-06-30

    Anyone of any rank or any skill level is welcome to join, but must be willing to play the game FREQUENTLY.
    ARMOR 87.1%
    HELMET 35.5%
    (updated 11/20/19)
    We're getting closer and closer to the armor, so we're asking that every member try to play at least 10 games of Warzone a week. Unfortunately, members who don't play the game for extended periods will be removed so that those who are really committed aren't held back.

    If you can't play for an extended period please message GM SlaySlay, and a certain degree of lenience will be granted.

    Happy Gaming, Enjoy the Grind!!

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    100/100 Members
    Est. 2019-03-04

    We are Unrelenting in our quest to build a community while we achieve the Achilles armor. We are happy to have you as part of our growing community. When you join one of our companies you are part of the community.
    We unlocked the armor in 137 days on 7-19-19

    Unrelenting - English Speaking & grinding for the Achilles Armor and Helmet!

    Our company uses a discord server Halo Community where we chat, team up and host tournaments. Our members range from the casual player to hardcore. Building community and friendship is what we do best! Having fun is our number one goal. We use these tournaments to measure the dedication our members. Its Basic we want the Armor to do that we need the most active members playing.

    Mandatory requirements for members:

    • Be active on Halo 5 Warzone & Arena
    • Be friendly & mature - treat all members with fairness & respect.
    • After accepted to Unrelenting, join our Discord server via this Link: Halo Community
    • Be willing to grind commendations from time to time - see the #tournament channel
    • Be min level 50
    • Not be a member of another company
    A shout out to a group of our great Advisors
    Note: Customs, Campaign, Firefight, Super Fiesta and Infection do not help with comms, so we don't want to see them regularly in your activity, or you will be removed.

    **Disclaimer** @Everyone remember to have fun! lets work towards the armor. We Managers will continue to hold the company to the same set of standards. If you don't pull your weight we will find people that do. Its just a game don't get to serious. We will hold weekly tournaments United Together we will accomplish our goals.

    Upper Management
    • General PTSI 93
    • Lieutenant Diamond Open
    • Lieutenant Sapphire ZioDJ
    • Lieutenant Ruby Jomil117
    • Lieutenant Jade Open
    • Lieutenant Emerald Mandy4U223
    • Lieutenant Amethyst Open
    Fireteam Diamond
    Lieutenant: Open
    1. itchycoffin1942
    2. XcRAZypHAZeX
    3. nGarazanoS
    4. DeceivingMaple
    5. sac396
    6. xSpartanC17x
    7. Xl J0K3R lX1663
    8. World Sirpent
    9. GaryLazyEyes420
    10. Gallantkdevil
    11. G0D left us
    12. AvianMovie4
    13. SolidPaladin745
    14. Sonaveul
    15. KhiraVelcalm
    16. Fearsome dude
    17. Black Sierra119
    Fireteam Sapphire
    Lieutenant: ZioDJ
    1. DaminatorOG
    2. iLikeNews
    3. Pina De Muerte
    5. UserDeniedX2
    6. ODST S Jerome
    7. Dellium VI
    8. jagarbitz
    9. Xbl Bizzary
    10. BelligerentHalo
    11. gerbi1jr
    12. Its El Bananon
    13. KeviinG37
    14. Pain0lympicDude
    15. RITZbitesCheese
    16. Malcolm ll

    Fireteam Ruby
    1. goldenninja204
    2. xX ChuyLive Xx
    3. noodlemaster47
    4. crazycuban7778
    5. infected CHOAS
    6. Kyoger9615
    7. SSJ Hybrid
    8. Wolf Silver 180
    9. CagyMusician574
    10. JoseManu221
    11. xXxEnriqkeXxX
    12. XxBowserYoungxX
    13. GoldenChris64
    15. DefendTheWarsat
    16. Sk8pateaculos26

    Fireteam Jade
    1. Minsly
    2. Dazzzleee
    3. Sniper2327
    4. Tobytron1000
    5. P4NDAM0NIUM
    6. Nahthatsokay
    7. RichardH05
    8. RINZZLER134
    9. guyonabuffalo74
    10. SL4R71ST
    11. lll SPEEDY lll
    12. LitUpMFL
    13. GRIZZ 1977
    14. WrAtH Of ToUcH
    15. ydroj
    16. Griffon Sniper
    Fireteam Emerald
    1. SmaackBz62
    2. HersheyHighway6
    3. Saul Ghost343
    4. KRZA VAKI
    5. DeRisingPhoenix
    6. Ajax Harju
    7. BillCosby4you
    8. SilverBullet9mm
    9. LaterPrism9428
    10. Lil Luke King
    11. Nat Sawyer
    12. Terrel SIV
    13. El trigarante
    14. Birth Of Cruel
    15. shobz14

    Fireteam Amethyst

    2. LowKey Epic 0
    3. LetILikeGames
    4. Dregin Junior
    5. xX GaMM3r06 Xx
    6. Gnarkz
    7. YoungShottie420
    9. Unffusy Bark 46
    10. PluggedPuppet55
    11. XGX13XGX
    12. mr froste94
    13. BigPappaPump128
    14. Kade Hunter
    15. Flamez LC


  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    85/100 Members
    Est. 2018-07-08

    Check them out!

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    Pure Talent

    80/100 Members
    Est. 2019-07-04


    NOTE: If you request to join and only send the default message you will be declined.

    We are looking for good active players to help grind the commendations. So please don’t request to join if you only play customs, mostly play games other than Halo 5, or barley play at all.

    • When you request to join let us know how often you play along with what gametypes you mostly play, whether it’s Warzone, BTB, Quick Play, Ranked Slayer, etc.

    • Add the leader once you joined. (pT ExtortioN)
    You will get added back.

    NOTE: We often check the frequency and status of your games played, so if you are not playing much, you may be replaced.

    Other than that we are a laid back company that is here to make some friends and have a good time while we grind. So if you are looking to play add any of the members and have some fun.

    See you on the battlefield!

  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    Sub to A Lv 88 PIK4CHU

    92/100 Members
    Est. 2018-03-31

    !Achilles Armor Unlocked!

    The Achilles Helmet is being rapidly unlocked. 71% of the way there. Request to join and help us grind for it!

    It also means everything to subscribe to my channel; I am working hard on it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsImYQ2WDz3EnZQJ5UqSefg. You are also doing yourself a favor...I post entertaining stuffs ;)

    Everyone is welcome and the default join request will be accepted, just make sure you are not in a Spartan company before submitting a request to join. You must be active on Halo 5.

    Hello! Welcome to the profile for the active Spartan Company, Spatial.

    Spatial is an active Spartan Company for Halo 5. It is open to all players: casual, competitive, you name it. It is NOT military based, it is just for anyone who is active on Halo 5 who wants the infamous Achilles suit.

    The rules:
    -You MUST play at least one game of Arena or Warzone, every other day. If you are inactive on Arena or Warzone for over two weeks without notice, you will get kicked from the Company. If you cannot be on Halo 5, message me on Xbox @A Lv 88 PIK4CHU and tell me why.
    -Custom games, Campaign, and Firefight do not count towards your game every other day, as they do not help complete commendations.
    No mic is required, nor level, or skill level. Everyone is welcome, as long as you are active on Halo 5.
    -You must have a placement in for Ranked Arena, whether it is bronze or Champion. If you do not, you will get rejected unless you are solely a Warzone player.

    You will love this Company!

  7. Spartan Company Emblem


    40/100 Members
    Est. 2015-11-11

    You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? back to me.

    Demonic Creators:

  8. Spartan Company Emblem


    97/100 Members
    Est. 2019-02-23

    Ciao! Siamo un clan italiano di Halo 5 con poche regole ma molto chiare:

    - Gioca per divertirti: principalmente è una company "for fun" ma partecipiamo a tutte le modalità online (anche classificate) con serenità e correttezza;
    - Rispetta gli altri membri: non sono ammessi in nessun modo insulti o contenuti intimidatori / razzisti di qualsiasi genere;
    - Resta attivo: Il limite imposto dal gioco è di 100 membri, quindi per non rischiare di essere rimosso, partecipa in modo attivo in game. Un giocatore che risulterà inattivo per più di 30 gg, senza dare alcuna comunicazione, verrà rimosso senza preavviso per lasciare spazio a nuovi membri più motivati.
    Informare i tenenti sulle cause di inattività è un diritto e un dovere del giocatore, e non un impegno del tenente.
    - Armatura ed elmo Achilles: stiamo procedendo allo sblocco dell'Achilles ottenibile solo come clan, periodicamente ti aggiorneremo sullo stato d'avanzamento;
    - Gruppi whatsapp: Se hai piacere, puoi chiedere l'accesso ai 2 gruppi moderati, quello SERVICE inerente solo lo stato online, l'organizzazione delle partite e le comunicazioni di servizio e quello SPAM dove i partecipanti si confrontano giornalmente sulle dinamiche di gioco e condividono contenuti;
    - Social: abbiamo una pagina Facebook e una Instagram dove condividiamo le clip / immagini dei membri (trovi in basso i link per accedere);
    - Nessun membro è autorizzato a reperire e riutilizzare qualsiasi genere di contenuto dalle chat whatsapp del clan senza l'autorizzazione dei diretti interessati;
    - Per chiarimenti o segnalazioni: puoi rivolgerti al capoclan Bestiavs o a uno dei tenenti che trovi in basso nella sezione "MEMBRI" contrassegnati dalla stella;

    Come avrai notato non ci sono obblighi particolari ma, se hai piacere e ti senti uno di noi, indossa l’emblema del grifone "leoni in terra e aquile nel cielo".

    Ti senti pronto? stiamo aspettando proprio te, manda la richiesta di adesione su questa pagina o contatta in game uno di noi ;)

  9. Spartan Company Emblem


    31/100 Members
    Est. 2016-12-14

    Members external links/(contact):

    "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end."

  10. Spartan Company Emblem


    22/100 Members
    Est. 2016-10-28

    Invite only

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