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  1. Reach's art style and storyline combined with ODST's gameplay mechanics would make for a great game imo. "Halo Reach: ODST 2" sounds dumb, however. I'd prefer "Halo: Alpha-Nine", referencing the name of Buck's ODST...

  2. I'd like Elites to return to multiplayer as well. To do this they would need to revert to their original design to be similar sizes to Spartans. I think that's what most people would prefer anyway. Agreed. I'm not a huge fan of the hulking...

  3. Button Mapping

    Halo Infinite - Posted By LH Justin On

    I don't know about everyone else, but this is a feature I want to be finally present in the Halo games. Throughout the games I've never found a control scheme that perfectly fitted my needs and usually ended up playing on Default. I'd like to...

  4. I'd like Elites to return to multiplayer as well. To do this they would need to revert to their original design to be similar sizes to Spartans. I think that's what most people would prefer anyway. Agreed. I'm not a huge fan of the hulking...

  5. I'd like Elites to return to multiplayer as well. To do this they would need to revert to their original design to be similar sizes to Spartans. I think that's what most people would prefer anyway.

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem


    3/100 Members
    Est. 02/10/2016

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    Legendary Achilles

    98/100 Members
    Est. 23/04/2018

    Welcome to Legendary Achilles! This company was made by former leadership of We Need Achil10s and the Eleven Seven. Both companies obtained the Achilles set, but felt the need to create a company for others to get the Achilles armor and helmet.

    Armour Completion 95%. Not accepting new members (unless you already have armor, which you need to state in your request and be wearing on your profile.). Any new applications will be considered for the helmet and accepted next week.

    A few things to note:
    1. We like to have fun and play in fire teams together. It isn't a requirement, but it helps build a good community.
    2. We use Discord to communicate with members. Read below for more information. You can find our Discord Server Link Here.
    3. If you love seeing your weekly stats and how you rank against other members in the company, we have a bot that tracks your progress for all your kills. It updates every 3 hours. It also allows you to see how the progress of the company is going.
    4. Our goal is to achieve the armor and helmet. This is the point of the company. Five hours a week (at the very least) of Arena and/or Warzone is required.
    "Eye on the prize!" - Buck
    5. You cannot be in 2 companies at once. So if you are looking to transfer over from another company, you must resign from that company first before we are able to accept you. Message us before you resign so you know if you'll get in or not.
    6. Even if we are full, still apply. We regularly look to see if members are contributing towards Achilles.
    7. Please don't post in our discord reception until you have been accepted. Posting prior to being accepted will not help you get accepted any quicker. Thank you.
    8. WARZONE FIREFIGHT AND CUSTOMS DO NOT CONTRIBUTE. We understand your love of these game types and wish you all the best playing them...Just not in this company. (Please see "A few things to note" #4)

    Discord is a messaging app built for gamers and it is available for installation on mobile (android/iOS), desktop (windows/macOS), or can be accessed through any web browser at It can also be installed on the xbox one dashboard.
    WHY IS DISCORD SO IMPORTANT TO US? Because our company uses a bot to monitor members' activity and scoring stats.....and members access that bot to monitor their own activity and scoring stats using Discord.

    If you're up for it, submit a join request and indicate you have read the above by saying "I WILL JOIN DISCORD" in your message. If accepted join discord.

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    Dark Empire Team

    100/100 Members
    Est. 18/04/2018

    SPARATAN COMPANY : Dark empire Team
    1-Respect all members better way has possible.
    2-Players should not quit the company without sending a message to the leader explaining why do they wanna quit ( all players will be in a excel program soon).
    3-Halo 5 every GAP commendations are really IMPORTANT to full till level 5 Max.
    special give away prizes on December for active members working hard on every commendations.
    4- Loyalty is important in this clan. this is not a farm= banned
    5- Work has a team no argument.
    6- Invite your friends ,family and comrades or anybody you have in mind. XD
    7-never rush yourself take maximum of your time to grind has much has possible.
    - Play any hours of Halo 5 that goes toward Kill Commendations and any kind of others like assist etc.... (Arena and Warzone).
    -GAP ALWAYS need to be concentrated to be completed never to be ignore.
    - Show your leader some love by sending him a "DONATIONS" REQ PACKS (gold req pack).
    - Claim and earn has many req pack has possible even from events because every items count
    -Events req packs are acceptable example: platinium pack, valentine pack, etc....

    -Are you a NOOB or PRO and looking for a company to grind ?
    -say no more request yourself to be accepted to this company called Dark Empire Team
    -we will accept you for free with no forms to full-up
    -just to keep it clean I will promote lieutenant to kick off leechers and non active players

  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    94/100 Members
    Est. 15/10/2017

    Brother Companies

    Don't be lazy, if you have an interest in joining, just fill out the request to join using either the format below or something that's detailed/creative. --- Derpster

    If you have questions about anything related to our companies just message ll Deadshot lI , NorthSnipes , or DerpsterTheNoob

    At the moment we are an Achilles-Grind company. We need your help to complete this grind. Join us, and receive your reward.
    Looking for a mix of a casual and competitive experience in Halo? Look no more! Paradoxical is a Spartan company that plays both Arena and Warzone in Halo 5. We play Arena, Infection, Big Team Battle, and Warzone/Assault mainly but we are looking to diversify and bring in players that play other playlists. Make sure you check out the requirements to be accepted (exceptions will be made if you are not up to par with the stats, so apply even if you don’t meet the requirements) We also have a discord server (click here to join). It has an advanced bot for tracking your statistics. Even if our company is full, still request to join! We kick inactives on a bi-weekly basis!

    1.Minimum Arena KD of 1.0
    2.Minimum Warzone KD of 1.0
    3.Minimum CSR of Platinum
    4.Minimum Level 100
    5.Must be active
    6.Must have the incentive to grind for the Achilles armor

    ----REQUEST TO JOIN FORMAT---- (You don't have to use this format/question list, but it is strongly recommended that you use it in your request to join.)

    1.What other companies have you been in?
    2.What is your Arena KD?
    3.What is your Arena KDA?
    4.What is your Warzone KD?
    5.What is the highest arena rank you have been and in what playlist?
    6.What level are you?
    7.Do you play Warzone or Arena more?
    8.What would you consider to be your strengths in Halo?
    9.What would you consider to be your personal strengths? (ex: don’t get upset easily)

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    100/100 Members
    Est. 24/12/2016


    Requirement's: You will be required to play 4-5 games of warzone or arena a day, if you can't do this you will need to message the leadership telling them why you can't, if you take time off or have any question's message the leadership preferably: a Trucker Pure, Hades Harju, xLost To Allo.
    We will not tolerate free loader's if you don't want to help work for the armor and helmet then don't join, is all we require are people willing to work for the armor and the helmet and aren't afraid of hard work.

    ARMOR: 98%
    HELMET: 49%



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