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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Delta Echo Force

    81/100 Members
    Est. 27-10-2015


    • NOTE: If you request to join the spartan company give me an actual reason why!.
    • NOTE: Can cannot be apart of another spartan company.
    • NOTE: If you join the Spartan Company focus on Ground Vehicle kills (Aim for 50 Ground Vehicle kills everyday)
    • NOTE: We DONT want to see you in customs games. Demitri will be checking game history every night before Gamenight starts up. If you don’t get to 50 kills a day cause of school, family matters. Let Demitri know on discord. But if you don’t give him a reason why you weren’t able too and I see you played custom games all day we will drop you from the company.
    DEF stands for (Delta Echo Force) We are a Gaming Community that started out on Halo Reach since 2010.
    If you're looking for competitive/friendly members that are fairly active then you've found the right place. FYI (skill doesn't matter). Main thing we want is to help each other get better and achieve higher ranks.

    We are currently grinding commendations to unlock Achilles Helmet (Armor was unlocked already) also if you are a lone wolf we don't mind.
    We are also working on expanding the community between Halo MCC and Halo 5.
    All I ask is for members to understand that we have a goal which is to get the Achilles armor & to expand the community with Spartan Company's.

    We have set out to be one the best companies around and anyone* is welcome to join or rejoin under the following conditions.
    • Must play variety of game types (Halo Mcc: Halo 2 anniversary, Halo 3 & Halo Reach) & (Halo 5)
    • Ages: 15+.
    • Mic: *Not Required*. (We would like it if you have one)
    • We just ask for emblem color change: Orchid - Aqua - Blue Steel
    • We do not care what your armor/helmet are
    • Most importantly you play for fun and to win.
    DEF Ultimate12K: Founder of the company - He's loud, he's proud, get used to it.
    DEF ASSASSIN00: General Second in Command - The Enforcer
    BouaConstrictor: General in Command

    DEF demitri: Commander (Main communicator)
    - Please message if interested in joining the company.

    DEF KillerJoshy: Commander
    - Please message if interested in joining the company.
    • Guidelines
    1. We understand as a community life can and will always be more important than xbox, via Job, Kids, etc but just inform any of the higher up & leader.
    2. More important if you join this community and we dont see that you're being active within Two Weeks you will be dropped. Please be sure to join us for gamenights.
    • Social Media:
    We have a Discord which we use for almost all of our communication.

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    Mantle of Ares

    100/100 Members
    Est. 06-07-2020

    **CURRENTLY GOING FOR Achilles Armour.**
    Armour - Completed on 12/27/2020
    Helmet- 89%
    Perfect kills- 54/150

    We’re an active spartan company the Mantle of Ares. A community of Completionists that focus on HALO as a whole. Focusing on Achievement progress and the completion of ALL Halo games. We are wanting to create a friendly and safe community, where toxic behaviour will not be tolerated. Our future is in Infinite. Stay active.

    Read our Waypoint messages. Focus on Kill Commendations. Follow Company Guidelines listed below.

    **Activity & progression checks every Weekend. Fail to meet activity quota of 20+ games a week will get you removed.**
    **Read the community guidelines below and make sure you understand them, to avoid issues or confusion. Halowaypoint game history will be checked for activity reasons. If the company is full or people have broken Company rules, spaces will be made for more active determined players to join.**

    Community Guideline rules (Refer to this):

    • Check Waypoint daily for message updates. Mandatory interaction with the Company or Leadership. This includes Xbox Club, Discord, Xbox Group Messages or Waypoint messages. Failure to do so will result in removal.
    • Meet Personal Weekly Commendation Targets. (Via. Waypoint Messages from Leadership)
    • BE ACTIVE 20+ games a week (Minimum). Inform the leaders if life stops you from playing. 7 days of inactivity gets you removed.
    • Mandatory 20 marine kills a week. (Warzone mandatory. You'll be removed if refused.)
    • Priorities Company Commendations.
    • Play from the playlists listed below.
    • NO custom games, Fiesta OR Firefight. (No commendation progress happens)
    • No alternative or +1 accounts.
    • Respect each other.
    • Don’t try to conspire against the company.
    • No racism or discrimination in any way.
    • Join our discord server. (Optional)
    • Join our Xbox club named Mantle of Ares. (Optional)
    • Speak English (Optional)
    • ALL WARZONE PvP MODES; Loadout kills. Marine kills. Ground Vehicle kills. Splatters. Perfect Kills. Grenade kills. Shoulder Charges.
    ALL CASUAL ARENA GAME MODES; Loadout kills. Perfect kills. Reversals. Grenade kills.
    • Slayer; Loadout kills. Perfect Kills. Reversals. Protector. Grenade kills.
    • Infection; Loadout kills. Headshots. Shoulder charges. Splatters. Melees. Grenade kills.
    • BTB; Ground Vehicle kills. Perfect kills. Splatters. Protector. Reversals. Grenade kills.
    • BTB FIESTA; Ground Vehicle kills. Headshots. Perfect kills. Splatters.
    ALL COMPETITIVE GAME MODES; Loadout kills. Perfections. Reversals. Grenade kills.
    • Swat; Loadout kills. Headshots. Reversals. Protector. Shoulder charges. Melees.
    • 2v2; Loadout kills. Perfect kills. Reversals. Grenade kills.
    • Breakout; Loadout kills. Shoulder charges. Perfect kills. Reversals.
    - Prototype GQ
    - Xatty
    - RunningPeach523
    - XCerealHunterX
    - Manney B Fresco (Spanish Speaking)
    - KYYGUYY4377
    - Mmm WaterM3lon (Spanish Speaking)

    - Prototype GQ
    - Xatty
    - RunningPeach523
    - Manney B Fresco
    - XCerealHunterX
    - lTz Trident
    - ManWolf6675
    - Mmm WaterM3lon
    - Xnikisu

    Discord & Xbox Club
    Discord links will be provided once joined. The Xbox Club -Mantle of Ares- can be found on Xbox Live.

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    100/100 Members
    Est. 19-10-2015


    aPG - Twitch | Twitter
    Bound - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Brainstrm - Twitch | Twitter
    bubu dubu - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Cherished - Twitch | Twitter
    CommandStation - Twitch | Twitter
    Demonsiu - Twitch | YouTube
    Druk RN - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Eco - Twitch | Twitter
    Falcated - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Flazin - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    GoldStarBr - Twitch | Twitter
    Goozy - Twitch | Twitter
    Gunnplexion - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Guntype - Twitch | Twitter
    iTz So Frosty - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Jimbo - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    JKosei - Twitch | Twitter
    KIMBQ - Twitch | Twitter
    King Nicck - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Magico - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Minds - Twitch | Twitter
    Monza - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    MooshWRLD - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    MQSE - Twitch | Twitter
    Munoz - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Naded - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

    NNeptuunE - Twitch | Twitter
    Noblc - Twitch | Twitter
    NYSea - Twitch | Twitter
    Respectful - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Sab - Twitch | Twitter
    Shotzzy - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    slgslg31 - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Slim Haley - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Soul Snipe - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Spartan - Twitch | Twitter
    Stresss - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Taulek - Twitch | Twitter
    TriPPPeY - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Trunks JL - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    tuf0xy - Twitch | Twitter
    Tylenul - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    uegjragn - Twitch | Twitter
    Vemzii - Twitch | Twitter

  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    93/100 Members
    Est. 19-10-2015

    Welcome to Canada!
    Don't let our politeness fool you, we are hard hitters.
    We like maple syrup, poutine, and whipping some spartans in battle.

    We are seeking HIGHLY ACTIVE spartans who play REGULAR WARZONE (Player-VS-Player) and MUST be able to join our company grind nights AND discord.

    Achilles Body: Unlocked October 29, 2020
    Achilles Helmet: In Progress
    (87% complete Kill commendations)

    Suggested joining age is 14+ as some content may be inappropriate for kids.

    We are a NORTH AMERICAN BASED company, and our playtimes for company grind nights reflect that. Our primary language is English.

    We have specified grind nights on Wednesdays and Fridays, that begin around 6:00/6:30 pm CST. As well as a Saturday grind from 4pm CST - 10pm CST. There are also other unofficial grind nights that happen throughout the week.

    Failure to join ANY of the company grind nights for a period of 2 weeks or more OR continuous play in game types not allowed WITHOUT helping with the company grinds may result in termination from the company.

    GAME TYPES NOT ALLOWED: (some exceptions apply…)
    - Custom
    - Firefight
    - Forge

    You MUST be able to join our discord server!

    We will NOT tolerate racism, sexism, discrimination, or sexual harassment of any kind. Failure to comply will result in an IMMEDIATE discharge.

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    Reach Legacy

    96/100 Members
    Est. 22-03-2020

    We are looking for compromited players with the company, each member have to play no less of 20 games for week.

    Feel free to play all mods of social arena (husky raid, infection, snipers, big team superfiesta, castle wars), all mods of arena competitive, warzone and turbo warzone and don't play warzone firefight either mythic warzone because they doesn't help us with the remaining commendations

    Every week we will comprobate the game historial for each member and who have less of 20 games will be kicked out

    Don't stop sending requests because you could be the next member inside of the company.


    Update: 02/18/2021

    Armour: 83,87%
    Helmet: 58,71%


    Upcoming Calendar


    • February 1: Double XP in 2v2 Competitive all month
    • February 4: Community Slayerrotates in for Roaming King
    • February 11: Grifball rotates in for Community Slayer
    • February 11: Warzone Assault goes live for the weekend
    • February 18: Action Sack rotates in for Grifball
    • February 18: Action Sack Community Playdate @ 1:30PM PT
    • February 25: CE Anniversary Throwback rotates in for Action Sack
    • February 25: Warzone Turbo goes live for the weekend

    • March 4: Spring 2021 Arena Season begins
    • March 4: Ranked Snipers goes live for the season
    • March 4: Castle Wars rotates in for CE Anniversary Throwback
    • March 11: Triple Team rotates in for Castle Wars
    • March 11: Warzone Assault goes live for the weekend
    • March 18: Core Play rotates in for Triple Team
    • March 25: Forerunner Slayer rotates in for Core Play
    • March 25: Warzone Turbo goes live for the weekend

  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Noobs of Achilles

    100/100 Members
    Est. 08-09-2017

    LT Announcement
    The discord link is below, join it, then we'll talk.
    https://discord.gg/gN6BcGr is the server invite. It doesn't expire so please make sure you're typing it in correctly. Do mind the capital & lowercases.
    Please do mind we are currently very strict with who we let in so try to do exceptional on your request or mention your friends with a member.
    Henceforth we will also be incredibly strict on those who play exponentially more customs than anything else. I'm not saying you don't stand a chance if you play more customs however, it may be something you might wanna clear up within your request. We won't ask again. Sorry fellas, and good luck on your grind!
    Achilles Progress

    Armor Completed - 100% on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

    Helmet Progress - 98% Complete


    1. Join and maintain an account on our Discord Server. (You must check in within 24 hours. Failure to do so will make you a bad friend.)
    2. You must not be absent from Halo 5 for more than 7 days at a time. BTB (Both variants), Castle Wars, Warzone & Warzone Turbo are all efficient ways of grinding for the armor.
    3. Please do mind that if you're on custom games I will remove you for the time being and an active player. You will take his place on the wait list if you're caught lacking. The only exception is if you are in the party, no current grind session is going, or you've already participated in a grind session.
    Notes about your application:
    • If you are currently in another Spartan company or you just leave the default message, your application will be rejected.
    • Please include your discord name and tag within the application.
    • If you haven't joined the discord before applying, please do so before 12 hours after submission. Otherwise you will be rejected as having not joined the discord.
    Discord Server: CLICK THIS LINK
    Why Discord?
    • Discord is a messaging app built for gamers and it is available for installation on mobile (android/iOS) and desktop (windows/macOS), or can be accessed through any web browser at http://discordapp.com. It can also be installed on the Xbox dashboard.
    • Our company uses a bot to monitor member's activity and stats. Members also access the bot to monitor their own activity and scoring stats using Discord.
    • It is an easy way to put together or join a fireteam as we share the the Discord server with several alliance companies. (There are voice channels you can use instead of party chat on the xbox.)
    • It's a great way to connect with other Halo players.
    TheCruddierMage. Leader of The Noobs of Achilles.
    JulesPhantom2. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
    AssumedNoob. Co-founder of TNoA and Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
    FS Sushy. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
    Dirty G Murder. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles. ^^^Also the very best!^^^
    Djmunkeysniper. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles. ^^^2nd best!^^^

    Allied Companies:

  7. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Authority

    55/100 Members
    Est. 12-04-2016

    We are the Authority, all active/english speaking players welcome! Lets get Achilles before Infinite drops! We have a good mix of players who play a variety of game modes. All steadily working towards Achilles, we need mostly vehicle/warzone commendations!

    We require weekly playing to stay in the company (minimum one WZ game AND 5 Arena per week). Please use the discord if you want to get a team together! Joining the discord is also a requirement once you have been accepted, if you do not join, you will be removed. Nickname in discord must also include gamer tag. When you apply, please acknowledge you have read this in the application! Thanks!

    Company Discord: https://discord.gg/fMQVZRwJmX
    (Thank you to Nawaiie)

    Currently going for Achilles Armour! 23/31

  8. Spartan Company Emblem

    Pure Talent

    99/100 Members
    Est. 04-07-2019

    We're 94% of the way to achieving the Achilles Helmet!

    We are a laidback company that is here to make some friends and have a good time while we grind. We are currently looking for good, active players to help grind out the last 7 commendations that we need for the achilles helmet!

    We are only looking for players who are actually willing to help finish the remaining commendations and not only joining to get a free ride because we are close to the helmet. So if you are willing to actually go for spartan charges and ground pounds then send a join request!

    We often check the frequency and status of your games played to see who’s been contributing to the remaining commendations and who hasn’t been. So if haven’t been contributing or not playing much, you may be replaced.

    • We also have a discord which you will receive a link to join once you are in the company.

    Leader: ExtortioN Ftw
    Lieutenant: STRUCKED PORTAL
    Lieutenant: xCyderr

    See you on the battlefield !

  9. Spartan Company Emblem


    100/100 Members
    Est. 21-03-2020

    "Be Warned By Anothers Woe"

    Kavibrah - Twitch

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