The Guide


The menu button only appears on top level pages (anything you can pick from the menu). However, the navigation menu can always be swiped in from the left.

Show Details

Shows are a collection of episodes, grouped into seasons. Some shows only have a single season, while others have multiple. You can swipe back and forth on the Show Details page to switch seasons.

  • A “Back” button or “Menu” button will show in the upper-left corner depending on which level the user is on. Ex: On Featured, it will be the menu button because this is the uppermost level. On Show Details, this would be a back button because it’s one level deep.

Episode Details

An episode is contained within a season of a particular show.

From an episode thumbnail, you can open the Episode Detail page.

“Scenes” can be found under the Episode Detail page if available. From there, you can expand scenes and see the characters in each scene. That’s where encyclopedia is also launched from.

  • Beneath episode summary information, a tab bar allows you to reach various categories of data, including Rewards.


When adding something to your Favorites, it adds the entire show--all seasons and episodes--not individual items.

To do this, tap “Favorite” from the Show Details page. The button will switch to “Favorite” or “Unfavorite” depending on whether it’s added or not.

If a complete season has already been added to the Favorites section, selecting the Season again will remove all episodes from Favorites.

You can also remove favorited items from My Channel > Favorites tab.