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  1. yeh choose anything not fresh steamy cow dung

  2. I have 6 fastball medals. Lol nothing like chucking a nad. And watch it bounce off someone and they fall dead. I wish I had kill streaks passed 10 kills. But never gonna happen

  3. looks to me like theres a turd in the background IKR? lol. OP: This is probably what they had in mind before Haloween (intentional) started, but had to delay it. Would be cool if they'd let us choose which background do we want. The beautiful...

  4. Blam... lmao now that's a rank above champs right:)

  5. Okay, but where's our ability to access 3-Plot Territories, Oddball, Ricochet, Extraction, Regicide, VIP, & Dominion within Matchmaking? They're in the Action Sack playlist. I agree that I'd like something different cause some of these...

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    117 Ways To Die

    100/100 Members
    Est. 2/1/2018

    A group of casual players, grounded in our friendships and branching out to new players.
    Many of us have played since Halo: CE and are mature gamers.
    We play both MCC and Halo 5.

    Send a personalized request if you want to join a group of fun players, not looking for anything super competitive, but happy to turn it up a notch when required.
    Also, if interested in joining, please add AshamanND as an Xbox Live friend.

    If you can't play at least once a month, simply send AshamanND a message, otherwise you may be removed. We're looking for people who actually want to play together, after all!

    Please note: If you are looking for an Achilles grinding Company - that isn't us. It's not our focus. If you are wanting to achieve the Achilles set quickly, you are probably best to find a different Company. However, we plan to get there eventually, as a by-product of playing and enjoying the game.

  2. Spartan Company Emblem


    88/100 Members
    Est. 28/11/2017

    If you have any questions about anything related to our companies just message OldPapa Legba

    SENDING THE DEFAULT REQUEST WILL CAUSE YOUR REQUEST TO JOIN TO BE REJECTED - Don't be lazy, if you have an interest in joining, just fill out the request to join using either the format below or something that's detailed/creative.

    At the moment we are an Achilles-Grind company. We need your help to complete this grind. Join us, and receive your reward.
    Looking for a mix of a casual and competitive experience in Halo? Look no farther! Unbeatable is a Spartan company that plays both Arena and Warzone in Halo 5. We play Arena, Infection, Big Team Battle, and Warzone/Assault mainly but we are looking to diversify and bring in players that play other playlists. Make sure you check out the requirements to be accepted (exceptions will be made if you are not up to par with the stats, so apply even if you don’t meet the requirements). Even if our company is full, still request to join! We kick in actives on a regular basis.

    1.Minimum Arena KD of 0. 7
    2.Minimum Warzone KD of 1.0
    3.Minimum CSR of Gold
    4.Minimum Level 50
    5.Must be active
    6.Must have the incentive to grind for the Achilles armor

    ----REQUEST TO JOIN FORMAT---- (You don't have to use this format/question list, but it is strongly recommended that you use it in your request to join.)

    1.What other companies have you been in?
    2.What is your Arena KD?
    3.What is your Arena KDA?
    4.What is your Warzone KD?
    5.What is the highest arena rank you have been and in what playlist?
    6.What level are you?
    7.Do you play Warzone or Arena more?
    8.What would you consider to be your strengths in Halo?
    9.What would you consider to be your personal strengths? (ex: don’t get upset easily)

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    Legendary Achilles 2

    92/100 Members
    Est. 18/8/2018

    Do yourself a favor and read this whole description. This is the Grind Corporation. We employ you to do a job and if you don’t get it done you will be terminated. There is a reason why our previous company was the quickest to get the helmet and our leadership has grinded out 9 helmets total. Job duties listed below.

    Armor completed: 10/8/18
    Helmet: 80.50%

    Current rules of the company:
    (1) Must join our Discord server so you can receive communication from leadership and track your stats/activity. The discord link will be sent by waypoint message. Must join within 72 hours to stay in company.
    (2) Do not play WZFF, Fiesta, or Customs. They will not help us get the helmet faster. We expect everyone to pull their weight.
    (3) Must have a minimum CSR of platinum 1 and a minimum SR of 50 in order to be accepted.
    (4) 300 minutes per week is required in arena and warzone (no firefight, fiesta, or customs). Our bot tracks time played so we will know whether you are playing or not. We will discharge without warning if you are under 300 minutes per week.
    (5) Use our bot often - it keeps track of your weekly statistics and it helps us track our progress for Achilles.
    (6) Be respectful towards other members of the company
    (7) if you don’t have 300 minutes of playtime within the past 7 days before being accepted you’ll be discharged. We check every morning.

    Current comm requirements per person by December 17, 2018:
    (1) First Strike - 50
    (2) Forgot to pay the toll (buckle up medal) - 10
    (3) From downtown - 45
    (4) Ground pound - 50
    (5) Perfect kills - 180
    (6) Lawnmower - 50
    (7) Grenade kills - 500
    (8) Lucky (last shot or cluster luck medals) - 25
    (9) Road trip (ground vehicle kills) - 700
    (10) Headshots - 2,600
    (11) Marines - 500
    (12) Standard issue (AR, DMR, SMG, BR, Magnum, H2BR, Carbine, storm rifle, plasma pistol, light rifle, bolt shot, suppressor) - 5,000
    (13) Melee - 350
    (14) Spartan charges - 100
    (15) Reversals - 175
    (16) Close call medal - 300
    (17) Protector medal - 300
    (18) Assassinations - 40

    If you're up for the challenge send us a custom join request and type in "I will join discord" in your message (meaning you will join discord). All default messages will be ignored.

  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    100/100 Members
    Est. 18/1/2016

    /////Cronus Company

    Cronus company was created for people who wish to complete all of the company commendations without having to follow a strict structure that requires them to participate in community events. Everyone is welcome, from players who wish to play alone, those who wish to find online friends or those who already have a group and just want something to work towards, this company is designed to be suitable for everyone. We are friendly and are always looking for new recruits to join us and you could be our next member, so if this seems like the company for you please feel free to send us a request!


    You must be an active member - if you are not active enough or become inactive for too long you will be removed from the company, the more active you are the more secure your place is. Since we are currently after Achilles members must be active every 2 weeks, failure to do so could result in being removed from Cronus.


    We would prefer players that are skilled and who can play on a regular basis. Also please put in a personal message when sending a request, you may be rejected if you send a default message.


    Achilles Armour piece (Obtained on 16/6/2016) - You can no longer earn the armour piece with us.

    Achilles Helmet piece (29/31 Commendations complete, 98% done!). Updated 11/15/2018

    /Additional notice: We will look at games played in the past 2 weeks to determine your commitment to halo. If you have no games played or your last warzone was 2 months ago you will not be considered in joining as we gain the helmet.

    All requests will be responded to within 24 hours.

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    Hydra Corps

    99/100 Members
    Est. 2/5/2018

    Welcome! We are Hydra Corps and we would be happy to have you be a part of our growing community. Our members range from the casual player to the hardcore. Our main goal is to achieve Achilles, but we're here to have fun as well! Chat on our discord & join our tournaments to win REQ packs.

    We're making fast progress on commendations!

    COMPLETED: "Achilles Armor" --------------------[100%] (10.10.2018)
    LOADING... "Achilles Helmet" --------------[73%]------

    We recommend not using the standard application. Tell us 'why you want to join' and your 'Halo 5 gaming habits'. Right now we have ~3 openings for obsessed players!

    Follow us on Instagram: Hydra Corps

    Check out our YT Montage: HC Montage

    MANDATORY Requirements

    • Be active on Halo 5 Arena & Warzone
    • Be friendly and mature - Treat all members with fairness and respect
    • Follow Tier Requirements
    • Join Discord server AFTER accepted using the link here: Hydra Corps Discord Server
    • If you are not on discord, you may get axed without warning.
    Español, Deutsch, Français

    Sister Companies [Coming Soon]
    Fireteam Requirements
    The requirements to be in a Fireteam of Hydra Corps consist of:
    • Change emblem to corresponding number
    • Change emblem colors to your tiers color, salt, and pepper (in that order)
    • Change armor color to pepper and your Fireteam's color
    Join our Clubs!
    • Ranked Arena Squad (At least Diamond)
    • Castle Wars Squad
    General: #1 xHagelBagelx
    General: #2 WavyOwl00204
    1st Lieutenant: #3 CrimsonwolfDE Amb. 🇩🇪
    Lieutenant: #4: CoolGamer1122 Amb. 🇫🇷
    Lieutenant: #5: AtomicJesus
    Lieutenant: #6: DetachedLeader
    Lieutenant: #7: Pms Calypso
    Lieutenant: #8: Lukas1157
    Lieutenant: #9: Conde2720 Amb. 🇲🇽
    Lieutenant: #10: WreckinCrew91
    Fireteam Noble
    Fireteam Sergeant: TheLegendAmb. 🇲🇽
    Fireteam Corporal: Ar x PanZer
    #2: iTz Cyfer
    #3: Bagel Kingdom
    #4: AtomicNOBLE 4
    #5: CDR Malkovich
    #6: Ender Xero
    #7: XxDem0nKingxX 0
    #8: SoberButt
    #9: Axis Harpy
    #10: Albvm
    #11: JavierUr98
    Fireteam Osiris
    Fireteam Sgt: XxXSILV3RADOXxX
    Fireteam Cpl: Ur My Lollipop
    #2: Young Strangs
    #3: JaxxMagee
    #4: LintyQuotient52
    #6: CAMD4WG42069187
    #7: xContactDruidx
    #8: dryribt
    #9: iZeroBeNinja
    #10: CrackTh3Whip
    #11: Traflax Parker
    Fireteam Apex
    Fireteam Sgt: RiggedDynamo
    Fireteam Cpl: pinpoint404
    #2: The Lost Meta
    #3: Battle
    #5: SimonPlays
    #6: DoctorRabbitt
    #7: yummyPEgusus67
    #8: MysticRain2006
    #9: Colleck 118
    #10 sS3RP3NTs
    Fireteam Wolf
    Fireteam Sgt: Shadowikc
    Fireteam Cpl: SHERRIFF 04 16
    #2: ReadingHen22
    #3: IIWxnterrrrr
    #4: jon81237
    #5: MoldyYapper11
    #6: ItzSteve9
    #7: coastguardret
    #8: lxx SaGe xxl
    #9: Darkdawndarkin
    #10: MeandrousAsh2
    Fireteam Sword
    Fireteam Sgt: HolyJehosaphat
    Fireteam Cpl: [OPEN]
    #2: carmancode
    #3: TheOEliteSquad
    #4: Sevenety
    #6: PlaidFall58
    #7: Silentsniperior
    #8: balloony111
    #9: WoodboyHunter
    #10: Miike BEASTon
    Fireteam Echo
    Fireteam Sgt: HM4ST3R
    Fireteam Cpl: b31290
    #2: braupopo
    #3: OngieGUSH
    #4: x inept idiot x
    #5: Dankmemezzz008
    #7: TheAbstractKidd
    #8: ShinyTooth
    #9: Westerley
    #10: whiteskittlez16
    Fireteam Shadow
    Fireteam Sgt: XboxLive 36T
    Fireteam Cpl: Konnjon
    #2: Mav A Nice Day
    #3: FTP Z0NA
    #4: SwiftFoal55317
    #5: Zepher03
    #6: BabyOwls526
    #7: TheManOFshadow0
    #8: david339886
    #9: Skyxqueen X
    #10: IgnacioAZ
    Fireteam Black
    Fireteam Sgt: Tlaloc223
    Fireteam Cpl: WonderGryphon2
    #2: EdwardLara117
    #3: ExtinctHalo4971
    #4: AngelitoCO
    #5: PataDeLoro
    #6: Pink Mari
    #7: elcastigador122
    #8: PHYZH TSH
    #9: Nezt 26
    #10: MistyEscanor
    Sergeants are #0
    Corporals are #1
    Holiday Colors (optional)
    Thanksgiving: Khaki/Rust (Nov 10-24)
    Christmas: Rust/Sage (Dec 10-25)
    4th of July: Rust/Cerulean/Salt (July 4th)

    Heil Hydra!

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