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Halo Community Update

The highly-anticipated Halo 4 flight – with crossplay – has made its way to Halo Insiders, our online esports events remain a staple of Halo entertainment in multiple regions, Halo 5's birthday celebrations continue, and we get a closer look at the coating system in Halo Infinite. Now that you know what to expect at a high-level, let's kick off this Community Update! 

Spotlight: October 29, 2020

Halo Community Spotlight

Haloween, Spooktober, Pumpkin Spice Season... Whatever you call it, it has arrived. Along with the rain. I'm two cups of coffee in, had some cinnamon toast, got some dog snuggles, now it's time for the main attraction. Let's check out this week's art!

Despite Distance

Canon Fodder

In today’s edition of Canon Fodder, we’re excited to talk a little bit more about a few elements I’m quite sure will have fiction fans incredibly enthused, starting with the reveal of a brand-new character you might find lurking silently in the shadows at some point in the Halo Infinite campaign. Come on in and check it out!

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