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Spring Scoops

Halo Community Update

For those of you at home keeping track, Halo and Xbox both turn 20 this year. Can you believe it? Twenty. Years. The journey has been nothing short of incredible and I still can't believe I have had the opportunity to be here, working on the future of Halo. It's been an absolute dream come true and I can't think of a more exciting time to be a Halo fan than now. ­čĺÜ

Halo Gear, HCS, MCC recaps… There’s no shortage of things to cover this month. Let’s jump in and check it out, shall we?

Spotlight: June 10, 2021

Halo Community Spotlight

Summer is rapidly approaching and with it comes sunshine and endless opportunities for fun such as hiking, playing Halo, swimming, thinking about Halo, streaming Halo, creating Halo content... Did I mention Halo yet? Just checking. I've got Halo on the brain lately (just ignore that I work here and probably think about it every day, okay? That's not the point!) and I can't quite put my finger on why...

Art of Wort

Canon Fodder

Wait, weren’t we just here? Fancy that! I’m particularly excited about today’s edition of Canon Fodder as it’s covering something near and dear to my Halo heart. Let’s take a little preview of some elements we’re hoping to include in MCC Season 7...

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