One of our goals is to make sure that HCFP members aren’t confused about our surveys or procedures. Consequently, we’re always looking at questions you throw our way in surveys and across social media.

Below, we’ve included a few of the most common questions that we get:

Does 343 Industries operate the Halo Community Feedback Program?

While the sign-up link and this blog content is hosted by 343, they do not run the HCFP.

The HCFP is run by the Xbox Research Team.

Who is the xbox research team?

The Xbox Research Team is a group of researchers who work closely with many different game development teams across Microsoft Studios.

We're Psychologists by training (most of us have PhD's in Psychology or Neuroscience) and gamers by trade.

Our job is to represent the voice of the gamer throughout a game's production and after its release.

Above everything, we strive to provide game development teams with data that accurately represents the players that play their games. Because we're not employed by any of these game teams, we're in a great place to do that - we get to "tell it like it is."  

Who decides what goes into the HCFP surveys?

The developers have discussions with us (User Researchers) about questions they have or information they'd like to know about Halo fans. We then create surveys that attempt to cover as many of those topics as clearly as possible.

The results of these surveys are then shared with the development team and used in conjunction with other channels of feedback to inform design decisions. Essentially, we seek to answer questions for the team in as clear and unbiased a way as possible.

Why haven't there been more HCFP surveys?

The passion and interest many HCFP members have shown towards the programs is fantastic - you all have been incredible!

The frequency of surveys can vary for several reasons. First, we need to avoid "survey fatigue". Even though many people would love to have a Halo survey every day, some people would really find that overwhelming.

Secondly, these surveys take a tremendous amount of time to responsibly analyze and interpret. Seriously, HCFP members write a lot. Pulling patterns out of the data and ensuring each voice is heard takes time.

Third, it’s all about timing! What and when we ask questions depends heavily on the production schedule. We want you to be heard! This means we need to find the best time to collect, analyze, and take swift action on your feedback. 

Why haven't any results been shared?

Some have- But you're right, a lot haven't.

The main reason behind that is bias reduction. Let's say we released results around a particular question. Then let's say we ask more questions about that topic in a later survey. We wouldn't know how our released results affected the responses to the new questions. That’s also why it’s really important that people not discuss how they responded in surveys….not that we've seen anyone doing that of course….

We can say that we are actively working on creating new ways of connecting with you, sharing a bit more about the people who make up the HCFP, and some of the core feelings people have about the franchise. Stay tuned!