Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Company?
You can find a Company by browsing the Spartan Companies page, which shows a list of Spartan Companies sorted by activity. Alternatively, you can use the search feature to find the right fit for you.

How do I Join a Company?
You can be invited to a Company in which case you will receive a message to your Waypoint inbox. You can also request to join a Company by visiting the Company’s profile. Once you have sent your request to join, a Company Leader or Lieutenant must decide to accept or reject your request to join.

Can I Join Spartan Companies with a Child Account?
No, unfortunately because Child accounts cannot have access to the Halo Waypoint inbox, they are not able to join Spartan Companies.

How do I invite a player to my company?
You can invite a player to your Company by visiting their player profile on Waypoint, where you will see a button to invite them to your Company.

How do I leave a company?
You can leave a Company at any time by visiting the Company profile and navigating to “Resign.” You will be prompted to verify this action by confirming your gamertag. If you are the leader of a Company, you will have the opportunity to promote someone to the leader in your absence.

Can I be in more than one Company?
You can only belong to one Company at a time.

What if the Company Leader asks for my XBL password?
As always, never divulge any personal information, passwords or payment information.

How do I create a company?
You can create a Company by visiting the Spartan Companies page and finding the “Create Spartan Company” button. You will have the opportunity to invite players as a part of the creation process, you will need at least 4 players to become active. Your Spartan Company must be active to generate stats and earn progress against Commendations.

What can I customize?
You can customize your name, motto, banner, emblem, and bio.

How do I promote lieutenants?
The leader of a Company can promote or demote Lieutenants by visiting their Company profile, navigating to “Administration” and then choosing “Manage Members.”

How do I remove players from my company?
You can remove players from the Company by visiting their Company profile, navigating to “Administration” and then choosing “Manage Members.” You can block players by navigating to Blocked Users.

How do I disband my company?
You can disband a Company by visiting the Company profile, navigating to “Administration” and then choosing Disband. You will be prompted to confirm your gamertag as this is a destructive action: Stats will be wiped, taking Commendation progress with it, and your forum activity vanishes.

How do I name/rename my company?
Leaders can change the name of the Company only once every 30 days. Choose wisely.

Can I appoint someone else to lead the company and then leave?
If you want to leave your Company without disbanding it, you can promote another member to Leader by visiting the Company profile, navigating to “Administration” and then choosing “Manage Members.” Once you’ve promoted a member to Leader, you can resign from the Company.

How does my company make progress towards a commendation?
Commendations are based on stats and medals that can be accumulated in matchmade games of Arena or Warzone in Halo 5: Guardians.

Is there some sort of awesome reward for completing them?
Just like regular Commendations, you earn an XP reward for each level you earn of a Commendation. When a Company earns another Commendation level, the entire Company is awarded an identical amount of XP.

If I leave a company, what happens to both mine and the Company’s commendation progress?
When you leave a Spartan Company, your progress stays with the Company. Once you join a new Spartan Company, your stats will contribute towards their commendation progress. While you belong to no Spartan Company, your stats contribute to no one and that’s just selfish. The Company itself is making progress on Commendations and when rewards are unlocked, they are distributed to all current members regardless of seniority or contribution level.

Can I get credit for commendations if I join after it is started (but not yet complete)?
You pick up exactly where the Company is upon arrival. If they’re one kill away from “From Downtown” Level 4 and it ticks over the minute after you join, you will get the XP for that progress, same as any member of the Company. This works the other way as well, if you leave a Company, you are leaving all of the progress that you helped put towards their Commendations. Only members of the Company at the time a Commendation is earned will receive rewards.

Can I be rewarded multiple times for earning the same Commendation/Commendation Level?
You will only be rewarded for a Commendation once. If you complete a Commendation with Company X, leave and join Company Y, you will not receive a reward when they complete that Commendation. You will only be rewarded when the Company earns Commendations that you have not already earned.