Halo 5 Pro Series Overview

2021 Tournament Action Begins!

2021 Tournament Action Begins!

The Halo 5 Pro Series is back, but not without improvements! This year, we're glad to shift all OPEN FACEIT tournaments to double elimination! For more info on this season, check out the full blog at Halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-halo-5-pro-series.

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The Halo 5 Pro Series is a series of online Halo 5 tournaments for Pro and aspiring Pro players alike! Assemble your squad and compete for cash prizes in weekly regional tournaments.

How it Works

Battle through the Gauntlet

  • Season #3 kicks off with the first OPEN tournament on Feb 6th.
  • The Top 8 teams from the Season 2 Championships automatically advance to the first PRO tournament on Feb 13th.
  • The Top 8 teams from the OPEN tournaments will advance to the next PRO tournament.
  • PRO tournaments start with a round robin group stage that feeds into an 8-team single elimination bracket.
  • The Top 8 teams from the PRO tournament will lock in their spots for the next PRO tournament.
  • The OPEN/PRO cycle resets.


Following the 2nd Pro tournament of each season, the Top 8 teams will duke it out in the Season Champions!

  • Saturday, March 6th.
  • Saturday, April 10th.

Where to Watch

Tune in Live

The Halo 5 Pro Series Season Championships will be broadcasted live to Twitch and YouTube! Join the HCS cast and crew on March 6th and April 10th as they break down all the action.

To catch the games during the Open tournaments, head to aka.ms/Halo5Streams.


  • Championship: $10,000
  • Pro: $5,000
  • Open: $1,000

International Love

In addition to the North American based Halo 5 Pro Series tournaments, the LATAM, ANZ, and EMEA regions will also have their own regional tournaments!


  • Bi-weekly OPEN tournaments: $1,000 + FACEIT ELO
  • After multiple weeks of competition, the top 8 teams from the final OPEN tournament will qualify for the Season Championship: $5,000
  • The Season Championships will run just like their NA counterparts, only with a smaller size: 8-team Round Robin Groups into 4-team single elimination bracket.
  • The cycle resets for the next season – FACEIT ELO will remain.

2020 Champions

Congratulations to last season's champions

Season 2 Champions

  • NA: Sentinels | Frosty - Royal 2 - Snakebite - Tripppey
  • EU: Cartel | Legendzer - Rsica - Shaadyzer - SLG 
  • LATAM: Knights Latam | Atzo - Drift - Pelugod - Tapping Buttons
  • ANZ: On Top | Barcode - Bziirk - Madsy - Slayz

Season 1 Champions

  • NA: Sentinels | Frosty - Neptune - Royal 2 - Snakebite
  • EU: Cartel | Legendzer - Rsica - Shaadyzer - SLG 
  • LATAM: Just Latam | Atzo - Drift - Pelugod - Tapping Buttons
  • ANZ: On Top | Barcode - Bziirk - Madsy - Slayz