Halo 5 Pro Series Overview

Introducing the Halo 5 Pro Series – a series of online Halo 5 tournaments for Pro and aspiring Pro players alike! Assemble your squad and prove yourself against Halo's best! Regional competition kicks off on September 26th.

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NA Open #1 Results

Top 8 NA Halo 5 Teams

Top 8 NA Halo 5 Teams

  • 1st. Sen (21-0) Frosty Neptune Royal2 Snakebite
  • 2nd. Inconceivable (18-5) Bound Bubudubu Falcated Saiyan
  • 3rd. Last Second (15-5) Artic Juziro Rohzes Sabinater
  • 3rd. Need 8s (15-3) DivineDamsel Slinky Sorrell Swish5s
  • 5th. Reps (12-3) Eco Penguin Renegade Stellur
  • 5th. Magnanimous (12-3) KingNick Rayne Ryanoob Spartan
  • 5th. Flyers (12-3) Commonly Scaryotic Str8Sick Vetra
  • 5th. Derf Gang (12-5) Derderf Nerderf Pi3derf Psyderf

EU Open #1 Results

Top 8 EU Halo 5 Teams

Top 8 EU Halo 5 Teams

  • 1st. Cartel (15-1) Legendzer Rsica Shaadyzer Slg
  • 2nd. 2 Pros 2 Noobs (12-3) CaseyLunny MystaOG Procisionite TheSpeedShow
  • 3rd. Mockit (9-3) Batchford LooneyDogzz Squashyy Wxrlord
  • 3rd. Skitlite (9-3) Crossman Hollers Luundy Slbeetly
  • 5th. Jump Out Gang (7-3) Jimbossity Random4n ShabbyDagger Snakey
  • 5th. Premium Gas (6-3) Ballyheagas Bliteyyy Hxershly xL3g3nd
  • 5th. Rats R Us (6-3) Fa3le Ninzur Savieer VManatee
  • 5th. Freds Tory Desk (6-3) DeadEyeFred Scarcely Shystie Strally

LATAM Open #1 Results

Top 8 LATAM Halo 5 Teams

Top 8 LATAM Halo 5 Teams

  • 1st. Chosen Legacy (18-1) Bullet MagicButtons Noblc RunningJM
  • 2nd. Premiere V2 (16-4) Hecaina Johaanmc Juan117s SoyGuardian
  • 3rd. LDM (14-3) Atzo Drift Pelugod TappingButtons
  • 3rd. No Aim (12-4) DevilSpider Healertic Hendwn Nebulossy 
  • 5th. LDDG esports (9-3) Gambino Haizchamako LZues Nugget
  • 5th. Rapture (9-4) Coolsecure Hzlhest Prokmay117 Velnias
  • 5th. Mamitas HCS (9-5) Blxzter InsancNaz ISpark3 Tutelevision
  • 5th. Worldwide Gaming (9-5) Inostal Sh7z Vergidumundo Zkakarotto

ANZ Open #1 Results

Top 8 ANZ Halo 5 Teams

Top 8 ANZ Halo 5 Teams

  • 1st. On Top (12-0) Barcode Bziirk Madsyy Slayz
  • 2nd. Ark Survival (9-4) GrandLastShadow Hazza Rambo Snakei
  • 3rd. Caution (7-3) mystro OneHit Reaver Venom
  • 3rd. Authority (6-3) Louqas Ninjestics Pipz Junior
  • 5th. WeDefsPro (6-3) Andrew Omgiripu TeaspoonIV Tim
  • 5th. Free Agency (6-3) Binaural Jasko MikeYippykiay Player
  • 5th. Dolphin Trouble (6-3) Agitated Enigma PancakeMistakes PinapplePulp
  • 5th. Toxic Spiders (6-3) Idont JimmyBruh Scnator Tadpole

How it Works

Battle through the Gauntlet

  • Season #1 will start with two Open tournaments.
  • The top 16 teams from the 2nd Open tournament will move on to the 1st Pro Tournament.
  • Pro tournaments start with a Round Robin group stage leading into an 8-team single elimination bracket.
  • The top 8 teams from the 1st Pro tournament will lock in their spots for the next Pro tournament.
  • The top 8 teams from the following Open tournament will join the line-up for the next 16-team Pro tournament.


Following the 2nd Pro tournament of each season, we will hold a championship for the Top 8 teams!

  • Saturday, November 7
  • Saturday, December 12

Where to Watch

Tune in Live

The Halo 5 Pro Series Season Championships will be broadcasted live to Twitch and YouTube! Join the HCS cast and crew on November 7th and December 12th as they break down the $10,000 tournament action.

To catch the games during the Open tournaments, head to aka.ms/Halo5Streams.


  • Championship: $10,000
  • Pro: $5,000
  • Open: $1,000

International Love

In addition to the North American based Halo 5 Pro Series tournaments, the LATAM, ANZ, and EMEA regions will also have their own regional tournaments!


  • The remainder of the year will be split into two seasons.
  • Weekly Open tournaments: $1,000 + FACEIT ELO
  • After multiple weeks of competition, the top 8 teams from the final Open tournament will qualify for the Season Championship.
  • The Season Championships will run just like their NA counterparts, only with a smaller size: 8-team Round Robin Groups into 4-team single elimination bracket.
  • The cycle resets for the next season – FACEIT ELO will remain.