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API for getting player positions?

OP Blindopoly


I just started looking at the documentation for the Halo 5 developer API ( and I noticed there is no way to get a player's positions other than from the "Halo 5 - Match Events" when a player is killed. I would like to write a 2D application showing a top down view of a match-making game where you can see the position of all players moving around the map and who's killing who. All the information in the "Halo 5 - Match Events" is very useful but just lacks player position (Ideally it would be nice to know the player's orientation too).

My question is: are there any plans to add more support for getting player position and orientation?

That sounds like a lot of information to log, though I do think your idea is interesting.
Yeah it could be a lot of information but I don't need the player positions to update at 30FPS or anything, even 1FPS would be okay. I feel like it's totally doable. I Hope someone from 343 reads this!
Hi there! At this time, we don't have plans to add additional position information to the endpoint, but we'll keep your request in mind. Thanks for your interest in the Halo API!
Thanks for your reply. And Okay :D