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API Model Changes (2016-02-14)

OP Furiousn00b

Couple of new properties popped up, not sure when. Both are undocumented.

Stats : Service Record : Campaign
New Properties:
  1. PlayerStats[0].CharacterIndex: (Undocumented) Probably an indicator of which character the player selected when playing cooperative campaign missions.
Stats : Matches for Player
New Properties:
  1. Results[0].MatchCompletedDateFidelity: (Undocumented) Not sure what this is. I've seen the integer '1' used as the property value.
HaloSharp has been updated (v. to incorporate these changes.
Thanks for the heads-up! We've added these fields to the documentation which should now be published in the developer portal. Please let us know if you have any questions or notice any more issues.