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Attachment metadata endpoint

OP fr33h33l

In service records, killed enemies and destroyed enemy vehicles are defined by the base id of the enemy/vehicle and one or many attachment ids.

However, there doesn't seem to be any way of retrieving information on the attachment for a particular attachment id.

Am I wrong in assuming that there is no attachment meta data avaiable through the API? If not, was there a particular reason for omitting it or could it be added?

Also, modelling wise, wouldn't it be more correct to connect attachments to weapons/vehicles rather than to enemies?
Unfortunately you're correct in your assumption that attachment metadata isn't available via the Metadata API because it isn't something we were able to easily provide due to the awkward modeling. We're sorry for the inconvenience that this causes.
Thanks for the reply!

It's fine (in my current state of development).

The most important thing for me right now was to know whether I should treat attachment ids as values or entities. Now I know it's the former and I can design my storage model accordingly.