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Big Team Assault GameBaseVariant?

OP ExO Mandrake


I have a system ( that assembles the data from the API to create a BTB Profile by adding the data from game base variants Big Team CTF, Big Team Strongholds and Big Team Slayer. Big Team Assault was recently introduced into the Big Team Battle playlist (04-27-2017), however the game base variant appears to be missing from the Player Service Records - Arena. I’ve looked into this as much as I can, but it appears (I could be wrong) that the API combines Assault and Big Team Assault data together.

To stay consistent, BT Assault needs to be separate. After all, there is Capture the Flag & Big Team CTF, Strongholds & Big Team Strongholds, Slayer & Big Team Slayer. The same should be for Assault and Big Team Assault, game play is different, maps, team size, vehicles, etc.

Please make available a Big Team Assault game base variant in Halo 5 - Player Service Records - Arena. It also should show up under Metadata - Game Base Variants.

Thank you,

Hi mandrake. I'm afraid that since these game base variants aren't separated, the data will always be combined in the Service Record because that is how we have it stored. It is possible to manually aggregate the data, but it's not ideal. You could potentially crawl through a player's Match History, pulling Assault games that occurred on the Big Team Battle Playlist. Then, you could retrieve the Match Result for each match and manually aggregate the desired stats. I realize that this isn't ideal, but the data is potentially available if you so desire.