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Downloading Service Record Stats

OP ablance1993

I've started playing Reach and have been having a great time. It got me thinking about how (and here as well) did super in depth stat tracking back in the day. I would really like to be able to access this data so I could explore it myself and make a powerbi dashboards or shiny app or something using it. However, it's unclear how I can go about getting the information. The data should still exist somewhere, will still be being tracked by 343 in the MCC, and because of gdpr I should be able to access it somehow.

So, can anyone point me in the right direction on how I could get some csv files with all this in? Or perhaps who to contact in 343 to help me out? is kinda dead now, and the Microsoft support site seems more aimed at general Xbox data, rather than game-specific stuff.

PS, I did a little looking around and I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, apologies if this isn't the appropriate place.
There's no public API available for MCC right now I'm afraid
That's a shame, but I understand it'd probably be a niche thing for them to maintain. Thank you for the reply

Even without an API though, I'm still curious if there would be a way to aquire the data. You can request archives of your data from Spotify, Google, Microsoft, etc, to be emailed to you. It would be nice to see a similar thing here.