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[Feature Request/Bug] User Created Content Details

OP Null Parameter

As it stands right now, if you have Customs matches that use custom maps or gametypes, the Metadata Map Variant APIs return 404s for those guids.
It would be great if we could get the names, descriptions, creators, etc. for those items as well. Though, I did notice that the MapVariant block in the Matches API return JSON does contain an "Owner" for the maps, which appears to be correct.

However, the GameVariant block always reports being an "official" gametype (Official = 3), even if you used a custom gametype that was saved with a name and such.
Would also love to get these details.

Thanks again for this great tool! Look forward to whatever we might see added in the near future.
Yeah, this is rather unfortunate. In addition, there is not a really good way to get the guid's of the related variants as a list from the players profile, so you have to know up front what map the variant is based upon in order to get details on the custom map or gametype.