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Feature Requests for Halo Infinite

OP SacUsa

Hey y'all. As I'm sure the support for Halo 5 has dwindled down significantly within 343, I'm guessing it's foolish to expect additions to the API at this point. My question then is: when is it time to put together a list of community desired features for the Halo Infinite API? I'm sure there's a lot of development going on, so this might get lost in a sea of other tasks, but my take is that it's better to get this out there as early as possible.

A while back, I put together a document highlighting some shortcomings of the H5 API and what would need to be done to address them. I'm not sure what the external link policy is, but I'm linking it here anyway: (I guess I should have used OneDrive instead ;) ).

As a TL;DR, this is what's missing:
  • Stronghold names (document explains why this is so important)
  • An event that updates the score (primarily for strongholds/oddball: every time the score changes in game, this event would trigger and would contain the updated score)
  • More events that provide information on player location
  • Unique IDs for each weapon on a map
  • Number of shots remaining in a weapon when it's picked up
  • Event for when a power up is picked up (I really don't understand how this wasn't included)
I'm coming from a mostly analytical point of view here, so my identified shortcomings are mainly for competitive Halo breakdowns. I'd be very interested to see what others in the community would like to see in the next Halo's API.
This is important. Especially as a developer deciding on whether to invest in the effort of developing solutions on top of the Halo API, it is cruicial to know, first of all, that the (a) Halo API will be present in the upcoming Halo game Infinity (and beyond) and that the upcoming API either will be backwards compatible or at least can be adjusted to with a reasonable amount of effort. Additional features are of course also highly welcome, but personally I need more time with the current API to provide concrete feature requests.
An Event for when a power up is picked up would be huge and Id also like to see a damage taken stat.
Hi SacUsa! Thanks for starting this thread. And thanks to others for hopping on and adding additional context. These requests are great because they identify shortcomings in the existing Halo 5 API. Please continue to add to this thread if you think of more! Thanks!
A big thing that needs to be associated to the Event system is a map system associated with the event system. This will be symbiotic with the actual game needing a few features including events listed above.

So if Forge is making a return in Infinite, and I sincerely hope it does, a tagging system for object inside the game engine. The reason a general tagging system and a floor tagging system could be useful for visualizing Halo matches.

We could choose to hide certain groups of objects and create floors. Then we could screen capture floors from an overhead camera system to map events in user space. This would be an acceptable alternate to the theater system and people could analyze game-play this way. A timeline system would be possible for fights, and better analytics could be achieved for patterned events, even AI comes to mind.

Point is knowing when events happen is good for timeline analysis, however the visual analysis where events happen would make this truly useful.

The API and the Game Engine itself would need to support this.

Also player location is important as mentioned above but also player direction. A tick interval in the event system should also give status on characters location and direction. Could be every 5 seconds so the data list would not be horrendous. It would give a better idea how a match flowed in the timeline space.