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Application/Web Site title: Forge.World Lobby Browser
Description: The Halo Community has been clambering to get access to a Customs Lobby Browser, to make it easier to find active matches. Many LFG type sites have come and gone, but they're all based upon active user interaction, where each person must manually create their lobby before anybody is able to find it. We seek to solve this issue by using the Halo API to automatically detect when people are playing, and who they're playing with, to automatically create lobbies that everybody can see and join.

Through our fancy aggregation logic, you're able to see which players are playing together, what they're playing, and even how they're doing, so you can decide who to join. Then, from the page, you can send the Lobby Leader a message to let them know that you want an invite.

Many people have been using the lobbies to host Events in Halo 5. With built in support for Twitch streams, seeing all of the match stats, and the ability to also jump right to the match on Waypoint (giving you the ability to Bookmark the Match Films), it's the perfect place to find all of the information necessary for any event.

I've also found that the site works great sitting side-by-side with Halo 5, by snapping it in the Edge browser on the Xbox One, so you can keep track of your matches over time, while you're playing!

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Great work on the lobby browser
Dude Null, your work amazes me. When you created the content browser back on XF, I was in awe and with this new work I still am man. I always forget that this lobby system exists, but the idea of snapping it on the xbox one is great. I'll definitely try that. I hope more people discover this feature of Forge.World, because it is amazing.