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Halo 5 Map Metadata - Null Names?

OP Sn1p3r C

Hey there, I was pulling some metadata information from the Halo 5 -Maps endpoint and ran into a couple null "human" names in the results. Any chance these are just missing some values that could be filled in?

Here are the three ID's:
  1. 5875580b-14aa-4cda-bc1f-a42732585364
  2. b963a5ed-a8d0-4475-a47e-67430c56b3bd
  3. d67fdcb9-6d9c-403e-960d-04202e19b244
And they are on this endpoint, with this doc page:
Judging by the image URL's, (""), these were all DLC arena maps of some kind, but I can't tell much more about them. I think one of them might be Tidal?
Hi Sn1p3r C! Thanks for pointing this out. We'll see if we can get this addressed.
I am still experiencing the null names issue on the maps endpoint as described in the initial bug report