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Halo 5 Map Metadata - Null Names?

OP Longest Con

Hey there, I was pulling some metadata information from the Halo 5 -Maps endpoint and ran into a couple null "human" names in the results. Any chance these are just missing some values that could be filled in?

Here are the three ID's:
  1. 5875580b-14aa-4cda-bc1f-a42732585364
  2. b963a5ed-a8d0-4475-a47e-67430c56b3bd
  3. d67fdcb9-6d9c-403e-960d-04202e19b244
And they are on this endpoint, with this doc page:
Judging by the image URL's, (""), these were all DLC arena maps of some kind, but I can't tell much more about them. I think one of them might be Tidal?
Hi Sn1p3r C! Thanks for pointing this out. We'll see if we can get this addressed.
I am still experiencing the null names issue on the maps endpoint as described in the initial bug report
I have the same issue as well. I noticed that Refuge comes back null as well as a lot of Breakout maps.
Hi everybody. We looked at this when it was first reported and unfortunately the fix is non-trivial. The work has not been scheduled and I would not expect that this will ever be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I believe you could just handle this issue with code yourself judgeing by the id of the map right? I will take a look at my code and see if it's possible.
Wow nevermind. After inspection, this is what I found that Echelon, Fissure, and Refuge HCS have listed for Map IDs.

  1. d67fdcb9-6d9c-403e-960d-04202e19b244 - Fissure HCS
  2. d67fdcb9-6d9c-403e-960d-04202e19b244 - Refuge HCS
  3. d67fdcb9-6d9c-403e-960d-04202e19b244 - Echelon HCS
So the only map we could really tell is Refuge if the MapId is d67fdcb9-6d9c-403e-960d-04202e19b244 and the game variant is CTF Time Return HCS. Since Echelon and Fissure are both Oddball maps, we can't do this.

You could determine it was Echelon if the MapId is d67fdcb9-6d9c-403e-960d-04202e19b244 and Power Weapon grabs are greater than 0. Since, Fissure has no power weapons in HCS. However, this wouldn't work for the Slayer playlist so you really can't do it.

It's a shame. Really wish 343 paid more attention to detail on stuff like this. Also, this API isn't the easiest thing to use. Hope they do better with the next one. And I hope that the people who make the API build their own website to actually use it and then go back and fix the difficult things to use.
Thanks, MarkOwnsUrFace, for doing this investigation!

It's pretty creative to use things like Power Weapon grabs to distinguish the maps! But one thing that might help further distinguish the maps is to look at the Map Variant ID. In Halo 5, Maps and Map Variants act similarly as Game Base Variants and Game Variants. Whenever a Map Variant or Game Variant is created, a Game Base Variant or a Map is used as the base for the variant, respectively. An example for Game Variants would be that "SWAT" is a Game Variant for the "Slayer" Game Base Variant. So in this case, "Fissure HCS", "Refuge HCS", and "Echelon HCS" are all Map Variants of the same Map (Base) with ID "d67fdcb9-6d9c-403e-960d-04202e19b244" (which unfortunately doesn't have a name, as mentioned in the first post).

I'm sorry that none of this is clear in the documentation and that the API is difficult to consume (especially when it has missing data in it). I hope this clears things up a bit. Cheers!