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[Locked] Halo 5 Stats on MS Band - HALO API HACKATHON ENTRY

OP Super Shredder

Application/Web Site title: Halo 5 Stats for Microsoft Band
Description: A web application that generates tiles for the Microsoft Band. Specifically, it can track Spartan Rank, campaign progress, arena, and warzone stats.
Here are just a few stats you will find:
  • SR progress
  • Solo and Coop campaign play-throughs indicating if a level is Osiris or Blue Team and what difficulty each level was completed
  • KD ratios in Arena and Warzone
  • Tools of Destruction for both Arena and Warzone
  • Halo News
  • More coming soon!
Screenshot links:
Video links: (using the tiles) (install procedure)
Gamertag: Super Shredder

I hope you enjoy!
I'm glad you like it! I'm sure my audience because not everyone has a Microsoft Band. For those that do, I really hope they find these tiles useful. I sure use my band a lot more now! I wish there was more support out there for this amazing device.
Sweet! I had a Band and just moved over to the Band 2. Nice to see it getting some Halo love <3
Wow that's pretty neat! I was unaware you could do such cool things on the Band.
The band can do a lot actually. I have no idea how many people even know it exists these days. I would recommend to anyone looking for a fitness band.

I have always enjoyed Microsoft's openness for developers to do things like this unlike some of their competitors.

As far as future work goes, I'm hoping more games add API endpoints because I think it is really neat to have stats this handy. No clunky app to phone app or login required. I've looked at Destiny, Battlefield, and Diablo 3 as possible games to expand the functionality to. Really just depends what time I have and what interest there is from fellow gamers.

I'd be interested in expanding the Halo functionality also but I need feedback from people and recommendations on what stats they would find most useful to see at a glance.

It is pretty amazing 343 is putting on this contest. It has been fun exploring all of the data available and coming up with something I think is unique. Maybe they can host more of these in the future or talk to us to possibly integrate some of these awesome hackathon submissions directly into waypoint.
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