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Halo 5 Weapon Variants

OP Drymander

Hey everyone,

I just started working with the Halo 5 API. I play a lot of Super Fiesta and would really like to be able to distinguish between weapon variants in the match results.

As far as I can tell, weapon variants should be discernable by 'Attachments.' Unfortunately, these do not seem available in the Match Results, but they are available in the Match Events. Using a random match as an example, I found the following instances from two separate kills:

WeaponAttachmentIds [3]
0: 1328104515
1: 2758383128
2: 189682155
WeaponStockId : 524558978

WeaponAttachmentIds [1]
0: 2758383128
WeaponStockId : 524558978

Both have WeaponStockID of 524558978, which I believe is the plasma pistol.

Does anyone have a reference list that would help me figure out which attachments apply to which variants? I'm not afraid of hard coding things in if necessary, but would hope to avoid having to create a match with every weapon variant and testing it to see if I can back out the associations myself (if that's even possible).

Thanks for your help.