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Help With A Personal Stats Tracker

OP Wolly Wospers

Hey Everyone,

I have a project that I would like to work on to track the progress of my own game-play in Halo 5. Basically, i'm trying to pull all the information that is available about every game I play in Halo 5 and dump it in a database so that I can run various stats on it to track my progress. I know that a lot of this is possible through Halotracker or some of the other projects found here on the boards, but most of them are missing a lot of information about the games...particularly information about XP earned.

I was wondering if anyone was open to helping me with the API and database side of the project? I'm very unfamiliar with using API's and writing back-end code, but have a lot of experience with front-end development. Does anyone have the willingness and know-how to create a script that continuously runs to pull information about the games I play and throw it all in a database?

Please let me know if this is something you are interested in helping with.