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How are melee kills categorized?

OP isElliot

Hi Team!

Had a quick question, does a melee kill (with a standard weapon like the Magnum or the Assault Rifle) get logged as a kill with the weapon type: "Spartan" or with the weapon that was used to melee?

Can't seem to find any information on what this weapon "Spartan" is. Thanks guys!

"name": "Spartan", "description": null, "type": "Unknown", "largeIconImageUrl": "", "smallIconImageUrl": "", "isUsableByPlayer": false, "id": "3168248199", "contentId": "447b227e-18eb-4060-904a-1cf709638958"
If I remember correctly, they get logged as a Melee kill, not a weapon kill.
Hi Ellioooooo! Just to confirm, khelekrandir is correct. The kill will get aggregated as a Melee Kill in the Match Result. Thanks, khelekrandir!