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How long it takes to obtain API Key

OP WindingLizard89

Not sure if this is the right place to ask for...
I registered for an API Key ~3 weeks ago, yet request still is "submitted".
How long does it usually take to obtain an API key / finalizing a request like this?
Hi there! Sorry for not getting back to you. Please submit through the application process outlined at Apply for higher API rate limit and we'll get back to you. Thanks!
thanks for your reply, so also contacted the API rate limit guys (did that before already).
I believe we have a bit of a dilemma.
Currently, we are trying to implement our APP with Halo, but for getting stats we need the API KEY that I requested via haloapi and is now in status "submitted" for 4 weeks more or less.
Without API KEY, I cannot finalize implementation, without finalizing implementation, I cannot get higher rates (which for the moment is not my concern because not needed for testing implementation). So, I still don't know what is missing or how I can get "my" API KEY for finalizing everything and making everybody happy (including myself ;) )
Any hints?
thanks a lot
I received mine in a couple of days from the initial request (email)
look at the pinned topics here, at the bottom you’ll see increasing rate requests. In that post are very specific information that you’ll need to fill out in full.
And finally send it to address that is listed there

hope this helps