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Map Id & Game Base Id in UGC map and game variants

OP DrSammyD

Could the Map Id & Game Base Id be added to the UGC map and game variants?

Otherwise I'd have to look up each individual Map Variant and Game Variant to retrieve the images associated with the UGC forge maps when displaying a list of UGC.

If you add those to the UGC, we can lookup the images by retrieving Map Variants and Game Base Variants lists, which have the images.
I'm assuming you mean that you'd like the "base map" or the "base game variant" to be included when you request the list of UGC map/game variants for a player?

If so, then you're unfortunately correct in that you'd have to make individual requests to retrieve each individual item's base map/game. I realize that this is really awkward, but we won't be making changes to these Halo 5 APIs, I'm sorry.

You might be able to get a little bit creative and cache off the base map/game, but that only helps for content you've seen before.