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[PHP] halo-api library

OP dirtybolle

Hi everyone!

I've create a simple object oriented api wrapper for the halo api. A few key features are:
  • Follows PSR-4 conventions and coding standard
  • Light and fast by lazy loading of API classes
  • Extensively tested
  • Decoupled from specific HTTP transport protocols by using HTTPlug
  • It's feature complete with all the current api endpoints (halo 5, halo 5 pc and halo wars 2 endpoints)
Basic installation instructions are included in the readme. Soon the full docs will be available!

More info on the library can be found on packagist ( and github (

Any comments or remarks (or feature requests) are welcome!
I've added support for the new introduced api endpoints ( and released 0.3.0 with support for these endpoints!

See this link for more info on the release: