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Player Emblem 400 Response

OP oNeEye Xx

I've noticed with some gamertags that I'll get a 400 bad request response from the API. An example is the following request: Outkast/emblem

And to note, I URL encode the gamertag before I send requests.

What's the problem here? Thanks.

Thanks for reporting this issue. It seems that some emblems are just "broken".

If you look at that user on Waypoint (link), you'll see that their emblem image is just a black image that says "emblem".

We'll see if there something we can do. In the meantime, I'd suggest adding some fallback behavior to your application to handle this case. I know this isn't a satisfying resolution but unfortunately I can't provide a timeline on a fix (if there will even be one).
Assuming this is dealing with the Pro Team emblems...this should be resolved now!

Please let me know if it works for you. :)
Thanks snickerdoodle! That seems to have resolved this issue!