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Player Score Inconsistency

OP oNeEye Xx

It looks like Oddball Time shows up under that FlexibleStat and under the Score one as well. This isn't consistent with other objective games where their scores don't end up under the Score FlexibleStat.

Also, in a MatchResult, does this comment still apply because it appears to be pretty accurate from my data?

// Unused for Custom matches. This will usually be null or contain invalid data.
"PlayerScore": null,

Hi there!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've updated the documentation to indicate that this field is used in some game modes.

To give you some history on this - this field was introduced with Warzone Firefight and was only populated for those matches. However, Arena/Custom game variants that were released afterwards set that field as well.

As for your question for Oddball Time - you should be able to use either. As far as I can tell they seem to be identical.

Thanks for your interest in the API!