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Public Halo: MCC API (Community-driven)

OP citizen kwho

Hey all! Partially in response to another few threads here, and partially due to boredom being locked inside, I spent last weekend building a Halo: MCC API. This is a community effort -- made entirely by me -- it is not currently endorsed by 343i, but uses publicly available data. I have previously been in contact with a few 343i team members about Halo APIs, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules or bothering anyone!

The Halo: MCC API (community-driven) is available at:

It has the following endpoints:
  • games.history - a recent history of your Halo: MCC games (up to 100) by Game / Game Variant
  • games.latest - the latest game you played
  • squad.activity - Similary to games.history, but allows you to check multiple gamertags at once and specify how many need to be playing together. So you can see your recent shared games with other people.
  • stats - a raw Service Record API by gamertag
I've also built a GitHub repo that allows you to deploy a sample application using the API easily. It notifies your friends when you're online;

Why did you build this?
I've been playing a lot of MCC recently. I'm a long-time Halo fan and I've always wanted better programmatic access to the Halo API in a way that's easily consumable. I'm a stats nerd and like to track how my playstyle changes over time. My MCC K/D started at 1.0 and has been creeping up towards 2.0 (though I mostly play BTB).

Who are you? Will this stay supported?
Hi. My name is Keith and I'm the founder and CEO of a company called Standard Library. We're based in San Francisco (though I'm originally a Torontonian) and we're working with some of the top API companies in the world to make APIs dead simple for anybody to consume and build applications with. This isn't a pitch for the company, though. I just like APIs and wanted to help the community. :)

The long and short of it is; we don't need donations to keep this running. This will stay supported assuming 343i is okay with it. I'd love to build more, because I think a top-notch Halo API experience could be a really engaging thing for gamers (like myself) that are also developers.

Please let me know if you have any questions! And 343i, if you have any questions concerns, feel free to reach out as well. I'm hoping you let us keep this active. <3
Very cool! Keep up the good work!
Could you share the mapping table for map name to map id? Or could you add map name into the api?

Additionally, is the 100 game history limit from your api, or 343 data?

Thanks for the api!
This is awesome! Time for me to get busy typing.