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[Request] Arena Match Result Ping

OP Iimitz

I know the game is end of life and there's likely been no changes to the API in a few years but I wanted to put this thread here if only to serve as an ask for future APIs. I know that the Engagement Lead for Halo 5 is able to look up player ping in relation to match results. Plenty of platforms allow you to see in game connection information, but alas Halo does not. I would love if this could be a line item to include. I'm struggling to see any security risks associated with providing the ping a player had to a server in a historic match. With so many people complaining about connection problems in precision games like First Person Shooters, it would be great to be able to provide players with this information. Maybe there's a lonely bored DEV hanging around and can 'tick a box' to have the data returned in the API. I would never expect it to be that easy but also assume there is plenty of data that is logged but stripped for public use. Between you and I, I won't even ask you to update the docs ;)