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Request: MCC Xbox Live Stats Pass-through API

OP IK Gamex

Hi Everyone,

I'd posted a thread in the MCC forum regarding detailed stats for the legacy Halo games. One of the replies had me thinking about the potential to increase the stats available to the community without much of a development overhead from 343.

I'd like to request that the MCC stats being tracked using the Xbox Live native stats services ( be made available with a pass-through API that can pull data from the Title Storage API (

From looking through MCC achievements, in-game stats, and challenges, my thinking is that this would provide all of the data behind stats available in game, as well as additional data not currently available such as:
- # of a certain enemy type killed
- # of games played/won by game type
- # of kills by weapon & vehicle (from the 'favorite vehicle/weapon' stats in-game)

While I'm not sure exactly how this could work, I'd say that my request is for whatever would be easiest for 343. Without being an expert, a couple ideas are bouncing around my head:
1. Build a pass-through API that provides the same API definition & raw data as the title storage API, with 343 handling authentication & throttling through the Halo API. Provide the API documentation and the community can handle the rest
2. I also see that the title storage API has a 'public' option. Could this Title Storage API data be made public, so no Authorization token is needed? However from the documentation it doesn't appear Microsoft has throttling in place, so I suspect a change would first be needed on their side. (

Thanks for taking the time to read. Cheers!
I think this would be a good idea.