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Stagnation Report


Is it possible to run a report on to find out the last time every member has played and for how long?

I have created an excel spreadsheet by copying and pasting the company roster. I then move the names to separate them from the spartan icons. After that, I copy and paste into another sheet without formatting. Then I filter them, removed all random (irrelevant) info such as member, promote, etc. Once I just have the names, I copy and paste into my working spreadsheet, inserting or deleting rows as necessary.

In the working spreadsheet, I have a formula that calculates stagnation based on the date they joined and the last time they played (from today's date). The downside (and time-consuming) to this is that I must open each member's game history (click all history) and manually input the date to get the calculation.

Is there a better way to do this? It's a lot of work, but necessary to prevent stagnation.
Hi there! It should be possible to automate this using the Halo Public API, but you'll need to code up a solution that works for you. All the data should be there - Spartan Company membership and match history. I think folks in the community have built similar systems that work for their needs. Good luck :).
Take a look at the player stats end point. In that you’ll find game history. Beginning with the most recently played game & date.
There’s a unofficial HaloApI discord server with a bunch of helpful people.