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Warzone Match Results "TotalPiesEarned" meaning

OP Sami theFerrous


I'm doing some personal stats analysis on my Warzone matches and one of the numbers I'm crunching is the Total Pies Earned. At first I believed it was the number of in-game points, pies, or whatever you call the currency in a WZ match, generated for a player in a match. In the end the actual numbers for Total Pies Earned are way too large to be the actual pies a player accumulates during the match. As an example in a 17 minute game one player earned 251 pies. That would mean almost 28 full 9-pie meters in a single match, which certainly is unreachable.

I had a thought that as the REQ meter consists of hexagons and visually in game they refill 1/6 at an instance, so perhaps the total pies earned is instead one sixth of an actual full pie. For 251 units that would be about 42 full REQ pies in a 17 minute game, which to me seems a very logical number considering that a player doesn't generate pies if they're maxed out for their REQ level and as the level doesn't start at 9 but instead increases from 1 to 9.

Anyway, if someone has any insight to the actual meaning of earned pies I sure would like to know. :)