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OP Kylerxius Prime

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Name - The Auspex Covenant

Age Requirements - 14+

Notes -

Age Requirements - 17 and up
Notes - Our SC is social and casual, we all have good relationship now we are aiming to win achiles armor and from time to time we get into tournaments for testing our level of play.
ok ilk join
Name: WCC
Age Requirements: None
Gameplay: Mostly Competitive, sometimes casual.
(Mics are recommended but not required)
(You don't have to be very active)
(Often is in parties with the entire company)
We accept noobs and veterans, no color armor or emblem color or emblem requirements, and no service tag requirement.
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anyone know a good company
anyone know a good company
anyone know a good company
as long as you are 18, you can join mine, we are active every day. Invite in your mail box
anyone know a good company
as long as you are 18, you can join mine, we are active every day. Invite in your mail box
Oi i already got him m8
Name: Achilles Armor1
Age Requirement: None
Notes: Casual. We accept anybody that wants to join. You don't need a headset. Noobs can join.
I am Precursor Wanderer from The Damocles Empire we are a private military company. We train once a week and hold open raids on weekends. We mostly operate via discord so you will need to have discord to keep up to date on activities and events. We are looking for all types of players with any skill level it doesn't matter. We are looking for people that are 14+ years old and are mature.
If you are interested in joining please feel free to message me. Once accepted message me and i will send you everything you need to know and what you have to do while on duty.
Link to our waypoint:
The Wanderer117
New requirements for BTA:
Minimum of 15 Arena games per week, excluding Action Sack and 1 war zone game per week. As we close in these will probably increase. There will also be weekly give aways for members who accomplish set goals. For example, I'll give out req packs for whoever manages to get the most kills in a week, etc. So stay tuned if you join! Only other requirement is 18 and over and have fun! Please message me or ask for membership, thank you for your time.
You didn't mention my company, Reclaim The Throne
Name - This is not your grave

Age Requirements - 13+

Notes - Anyone is welcome, we are casual mainly but social as well, we welcome anyone who loves Halo, especially the flood or covenant. (Feel free to message,me XXspartan105XX
UNSC Damnation
Motto: Patience takes time...
Age Requirement: 13+
We are a small group of veteran community halo roleplayers just out trying to rebuild the UNSC community and help create a peaceful society of gamers. If would be much easier if I explained this in short sentences so here's some facts about our group:
  • We are UNSC based with the navy ranking structure.
  • We do have a uniform, but it only consists of a required armour colour, a service tag, and the navy emblem.
  • We have a Marine Division and the ODSTs Division, and we will soon start up a Division for the SIIs and SIVs. The Marine Division is for those that just want to work there way up through the ranks and participate in training sessions and raids ( aka don't want to be conscripted). The ODSTs is a smaller division of players that still have to attend training, but are put in combat more often. They also have a different uniform compared to the rest of the clan.
  • Trainings: we generally try to hold training sessions every day. We realize that some people have work or classes and that's perfectly fine. We just expect that right as you hop online to join us in training. These sessions only last for an hour to an hour and a half. We rarely go to 2+ hours unless it is held on a weekend. We do parkour training for patience, combat training to increase your accuracy and reaction time, and team activities to help you get better with communication and teamwork ( raids, matchmaking, team tac mode, etc.).
  • "Achilles": I will put this out there. We do not care for Achilles ( so if ask to join for Achilles don't be surprised when we say no), and we expect all members to stay active and if they have to go offline for a week or a month due to a family matter or health all they have to do is just notify one of the leaders over halowaypoint ( just so no one is unhappy from getting discharged).
Other than that please read our company bio for updates on our current activities if you plan on joining and when you send a request to join give us a bit more info than " I am ready for service", or we will simply deny that request. Thank you for reading.
Name - Shadows66

Age Requirements - Any age

Notes - We watch from the shadows and help others in need. But also get together and have fun and stuff lol
Name - Fighting Eagles DET B CO (Detachment Bravo Company)

Age Requirements - 18 and up, please. We may waiver that dependant on maturity.

An excerpt from The Eagle Story: "In order to accomplish their top secret mission the Eagles enlisted new lieutenants to the group... from Spartan Fire Team Vapor. Operation Noble Retribution was about to be in full swing, this mission was a mission to track down the Sangheili Zealots, Field Marshal, Draug Varta and Field Master, Paar Va'all, who had killed Fire Team Noble and dealt the final blow to Spartan-B312.

It had seemed like many years had passed in which much data was gathered by Fire Team Vapor and Fire Team Fighting Eagles as they tracked down Draug Varta and Paar Va'all to the planet Tu'san Varoon. But all too soon the fire teams flew in and arrived on station at the planet called Tu'san Varoon. Fire Team Vapor was to cause a distraction and engage the entire army and Field Marshal Draug Varta while the Fighting Eagles air assaulted in directly on top of the command post of Field Master Paar Va'all. Fire Team Vapor eliminated three full regiments before they took out Draug Varta with extreme prejudice. They executed him exactly how he had killed Spartan-B312, NOBLE 6, they used an Energy Dagger."

We are MOSTLY a casual style of Company. But we have a social twist and like to win as much as possible when given a challenge. Some of us are prior U.S. Military. Also, like any other company, we want that dang armor!

Company demographics: We have people in our Company from across North America; from Alaska and Canada then all the way down to Mexico. We are mostly bilingual as well.

Company Requirements (prefered):
  1. Be friendly.
  2. Don't dish it out if you can't take it back.
  3. Be active on Xbox Live.
  4. Have a microphone to communicate!!
  5. Get ranked once in each season, please.
NOTE: We all have become good friends over the time we have been playing together. So if/when you join, expect a family type of atmosphere.
NAME: Fire Team FalconREQ: LOGO (Shotgun Mastery) Yes we are activeNOTE: No mic is Needed.. Looking to play rounds of arena and Warzone together
Name - HAHA

Age Requirements - 17+, Mic Required, MSG for INV.

Notes - Competitive driven, looking to expand!
Name - Knights of Gerald

Age Requirements - 14+

Notes - We are a company designed for those who want to embrace their suckiness in HALO, while seeming professional. Invites will only be accepted by those with 0.750 or lower KDR. Obviously, we are a Casual Company.
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