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Looking for Spartan Companies

OP LinedBrake81268

Hey all,

Looking to join a company.

-Large casual group where there are enough players online at any given time
-No time requirements -- but I play pretty frequently, almost every day
-BTB/WZ/Mythic WZFF often
-Interested in Forge/Custom Games
-Mic optional (I have a mic and am happy to talk, but sometimes prefer just chill playing)

Feel free to check my stats to see if I'd fit in with your group.

Hey there, check out Nubbstompers. We've got a solid group of active members that use mics for chatting and call outs. Which helps make it less frustrating and actually fun (what a concept I know lol). Our Xbox club and Discord chat are a handy resource to help you find other members to party up with. Which is great for building BTB/WZ/Arena teams up.

If you'd like to join or have any questions, let me know or go to the company page (Nubbstompers) to sign up.
SEMPERGUMBY may be a good home for you
Check us out, The XP Junkies, we are an 18+ company with 50 members and active every night.
We have many great people who you could game with!!
Come check us out at ~~~> MG Eclipse <~~~
We are highly active and rarely go a night without a full fireteam....we have people from champ to silver.....on the plus we also have great giveaways like xbox one elite controllers and even an Xbox One X giveaway in December!!! We also have small 40 -100 dollar tournaments every month and bigger ones worth several hundred dollars every 3 months.....if it looks like something you wanna be apart of follow the link in our bio at MG Eclipse!
We need some players and are at 20 right now. You can check us out, we are pretty laid-back, and yet like to play often and we like to win. If nothing else go check us out at least. Here is the link for our company: Fighting Eagles DET B CO. We have a Facebook and YouTube also. :)

Thanks for your time,