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Halo: Escalation # 11 Available Now

OP Content Team

“Exposure” part 1 - Spartans Ray and Thorne set out on a secret mission to uncover the origin of a monstrous new bioweapon...but is it too late to prevent total catastrophe? Halo lead writer Brian Reed (Amazing Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel), Duffy Boudreau (BlackAcre), and Ricardo Sánchez (Green Arrow) team up to present one of the most dangerous Spartan Ops yet!

Click here to see a sneak peek
Oh shoot, Just saw this now. i gotta stop by my local comic shop and pick it up. very interesting story arc with Escalation, cant wait for more
I've really enjoyed the comic book, because each month I read it I look forward to halo 5 even more.
bioweapon? Flood or precursors/concoction ;)
This is probably flood because we saw it on the sprit of fire. That planet with the bioweapon on it is probably where they landed
Flood or whatever this is, i see now why they say Halo 5 will be a darker game. Nice to have a real link between the games and fiction.
Is there a way to buy all the comics in one bundle?
i cant even find a comic store here in camden -_- -Yoink- is sad
Online comics available I think, not the same as the real thing.
ready for the next excalation !!
O good I absoluty luv the halo escalation books they r very interesting
Is there a way to buy all the comics in one bundle?
There is a volume one with the first six comics put together. The rest won't be available til next year in volume 2 after the whole series is done. for now you'll need to buy 7-11 (and subsequently the rest next year) separately.
cant wait to read it hope its good
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