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Leaderboard features in Master Chief Collection

OP Content Team

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Max Szlagor, Senior Designer here at 343 Industries discusses the new leaderboard features in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Get the latest on the new scoring system, rival system, and more. Enjoy!

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That's actually really cool. Good job. Especially the rival thing. I've wanted something like that for YEARS. Can you set your own personal best as a rival?

Although: the medals popping up on one side, and score on the complete opposite side feels wrong. Like your eyes are being dragged to two places at the same time. In Halo 3, both the medals and the score were next to each other in the bottom right hand corner - I think that's better.
I'm loving the idea of this! Being able to compete with friends like that is what next-gen should be, and plus the mission and stuff looked great at 60 FPS/1080p.

Curious as though what Par Time is, is there like a set par time per mission? I wanna do all the par time stuff, but I kinda hope there's some leeway in order to actually be able to enjoy the story when you boot up a campaign.
Will the mission timer keep going if you die and onto your next life, or does it pause upon player death? Either way, can this be changed by players who want to outrun each other without dying?

Also, lovin' those new difficulty emblems.
Not to nitpick, but I'm hugely not a fan of where the score stuff is located on the screen. When you've got a stream of medals on the left middle side (which looks kind of bad, by the way), your radar on the bottom left, your scores on bottom right, your energy shield on top, any character communication screens that may pop up slightly above the medals, and then all of that "immersive" Halo 4 HUD fluff, it gets kind of cluttered and difficult to take in all of the information. It's good to have this much information accessible in real time if it is properly organized on the screen.
I love it all. i really injoy the new difficulty emblems, and love the smoothness and HD quality. I cant wait to get this game! GO HALO!
Looking great. Just give options for HUD customization.
it's really awesome y like all the content of the master chief collection , the old content of previous games of halo and the master chief saga and all the aditional content that have been adding at the game , this new sistem of medals and scores in the campaign of halo 4 gives a fresh in the gameplay , something we never look in this campaign and an another of the saga
This is awesome. With all of these features and the beta my biggest problem is going to be figuring out what to play and when.
If we get to the top of these Leaderboards do we get an A.I.? What's the A stand for again? And the I?
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The new menu is amazing: D I'm waiting eagerly TMCC
I think it's cool but one thing I really question is what those bars on either side of the HUD, I hope they aren't there when the MCC drops :0 A tiny bit out of place and overcomplicates things a tad.
Yessss, I highly approve of this. Did Somebody say
I can't wait to channel my inner Achievement Hunter and try to Perfect this game.
2014, year of Halo speedrunning
I like the idea, personally
nicely done
Interesting additions. Maybe can help with par time achievement.
This is pretty cool! I want to be on top of the leaderboards!
Excited about speed running. The rival system is awesome, and I'm gonna be using it with my best friend. And Halo 4 looks amazing, glad its included.
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