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NEWS: The Great Journey

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Long post, bare with me....

My plot summary is based on the readings and in game hints, dialogue directly in the game. After a confrontation with Captain Andrew Del Rio onboard the Infinity, and his refusal to hand over a rampant Cortana, certain parts of ONI become fearful of the Master Chief after showing no lack of hesitancy when it came to disobeying direct orders, especially when matters involved Cortana. At the close of Halo 4, Chief stands on the deck with Captain Lasky looking down at Earth, contemplating on his battles, the "death" of Cortana, and questions his humanity. The Ur-Didact, obviously still alive has this to say and this is very key:

Ur-Didact (voiceover): "We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exists. The roots of the galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil." <"WE.....GUARDIANS of all that exists>

The Ur-Didact once faced the Human in the Forerunner-Human Wars. The Humans began encroaching on Forerunner worlds after encountering the Flood. This sparked a war in which both races not only fought each other but also the Flood. Humanity civilization advanced rapidly, was on the verge of surpassing the Forerunners with Pre-cursor technology and help from the San'Shyuum (Race of the Covenant Prophets), and even uncovering the secrets of the Floods defeat however the war with the Flood had severely undermined their ability to simultaneously fight the Forerunners. The Ur-Didact used this to finally end the early stalemate and launched a direct attack the Human Capital World of Charum Hakkor, leading to the near extinction of the human race. He believed the Forerunners were the true "Guardians" of the Mantle. However he was wrong, as it had been decided long before by the Pre-Cursors that Humanity was more fit to inherit that title. The defeat of the humans left the Forerunners alone to fight the Flood which became a war of attrition then desperation with the firing of the Halos. The war also caused the humans to "devolve" and have their entire remaining populations be indexed by the Librarian on Halo Installations and much later Erde-Tyrene (Earth). She and the Iso-Didact (read the books) sympathized with the humans, and knew the Humans would someday become the "reclaimers" and the true inheritors of the "Mantle". However, the Ur-Didact disagreed with his wife the Librarian and construction of the Halos and wanted to fight the Flood using Composed digital essences, initially of the Forerunners highest ranking forces, and later as their numbed dwindled, humans. Composing allowed his Promethean Knights to fight without being infected. At some point in the time the Ur-Didact was captured and imprisoned in Requiem by his wife the Librarian. The Halos were fired destroying the Domain (a type of network of history and collective memories created by the Precursor), and the Ur-Didact was left for over 100,000 years cut off from accessing it. He was drove insane. Upon awakening he wanted revenge on humanity, restore the Forerunner race to its rightful place as the "guardians" of the Mantle.

Halo 5/6 Extreme Speculation

Master Chief leaves Infinity on his own and is left to ponder all the events in the confines of space. Now he searches for a way to bring back Cortana. The Librarian speaks to Master Chief and leads him to a new Forerunner Shield world to start his search. Back on Earth, ONI has enlisted the aid of Spartan Fred-104 on a lone mission to both discover the whereabouts of the Chief and Dr. Halsey; both whom have appeared to have gone rogue. Additionally, another civil war has broken out on Sanghelios again as Jul 'Mdama returns looking to take over the crumbling planet with help from the Ur-Didact. The Arbiter desperately tries to repel the invasion but is defeated falling back with UNSC forces. The Ur-Didact, manipulating the Sanghelios zealots and their new supreme leader Jul 'Mdama now has a new force that he plans on utilizing to destroy the human race. He has essentially rebuilt the Covenant empire. However, one thing that is missing in his bid to destroy Humanity once and for all is the location of the treasure trove of Forerunner artifacts. He needs the Janus key intact. [Part of the game spent as Arbiter fighting alongside his comrades and UNSC)

Master Chief finds the new Forerunner world, and searches aimlessly through a desert for some sort of sign. He is attacked by a War Sphinx (giant bird thing) and must battle with other Prometheans on this shield world. Little does he know that his journey is about to take him back to the lesser Ark where he will uncover it's two greatest dormant secrets: the IsoDidact and repentant Mendicant Bias. However, before awakening either the Chief is confronted by a new Spartan. This new Spartan informs the Chief that he is now to be taken back to Earth for court martial. Chief discovers this Spartan is Fred-104 but refuses to return. This causes conflict, despite repeated warnings by Fred-104. The two Spartans engage but not before the Lesser Ark is attacked suddenly. The Precursors have returned with the Flood and have discovered the remaining Halo building installation. They plan to destroy it and consume the rest of the galaxy. John and Fred quickly make up for loss time and awaken the IsoDidact/Mendicant Bias explaining the situation. The two Spartans must fight alongside each other through waves of Flood in order to get to the IsoDidacts ship. Mendicant explains it is possible to retrieve Cortana.....and has felt her presence....

Meanwhile, the Ur-Didact begins initiating his new plan to capture the other half of the Janus key which has been sent back to a secret base on a ONI installation. The Ur-Didact has pinpointed its location and attack with his new Storm Covenant. The Chief, Fred, IsoDidact, and Mendicant narrowly make it back in time, however, the base is heavily destroyed and the Janus key is gone. The Didact begins locating and awakening other Forerunner constructs from the Absolute Record, as the "reclaimation" begins, but he is unable to access everything due to locks placed eons prior. Nonetheless the Didact has located just enough artifacts to rebuild multiple Composers and plans to attack other human worlds, compose the populaces, and rebuild his massive Promethean army. Spartans are being deployed all over the human territories to repel the invasions. The IsoDidact, becomes aware of the Ur-Didacts plans through strange dreams from his wife the Librarian. Now time is of the essence. The IsoDidact instructs John-117 and Fred-104 that they must now infiltrate 'Mdama's base to retrieve Halsey from imprisonment (She was merely buying time and learning from 'Mdama) and get to the Absolute Record. Of course, little do they know the Ur-Didact is waiting....Will two Spartans be enough? Will it all matter?

The full scale invasion of Earth is coming regardless...

But.....the Precursors have other plans......
What the....
What the....
Didn't like?
It was just so.... thorough.
It reminds me of a supposed leaked Halo 3 script I read back in 2006. In that script, it was revealed that the Halo rings weren't actually weapons but time portals that transported all of the Forerunners to the future. In the lategame, the Flood had pushed the UNSC and the Covenant back to Earth, where the two factions worked together against the Flood so at least some of them would survive the assault, and then the Forerunners reappeared at the last second to save everyone. IIRC the Ark was just supposed to be a kind of shield world to hide from the Flood. The end.
It reminds me of a supposed leaked Halo 3 script I read back in 2006. In that script, it was revealed that the Halo rings weren't actually weapons but time portals that transported all of the Forerunners to the future. In the lategame, the Flood had pushed the UNSC and the Covenant back to Earth, where the two factions worked together against the Flood so at least some of them would survive the assault, and then the Forerunners reappeared at the last second to save everyone. IIRC the Ark was just supposed to be a kind of shield world to hide from the Flood. The end.
All of the Halo 5/6 stuff is extreme speculation but I can see some elements of what I just outlined being used in the sequels to Halo 4.

Things we do know:

Two Didacts: Ur-Didact hates humanity and wants to complete a genocide as he believes they are not fit to inherit the Mantle.

IsoDidact survived the Halo firing. Mendicant Bias is on Installation 00.

Chief is on some sort of Forerunner world.

Janus key is critical in the upcoming plot.

There is some new mysterious Spartan. Is he friend or foe?

The Precursors are out there biding time.

BTW added a bit more to my speculation.
The rumors are true H2A will come out later this year.
The marine/oni officer/shadow interrogator at the beggining of h4? damn! so much to speculate about.
That concept art creates a lot of questions. Very interesting.
That sounds close to what I was thinking. All I was thinking was just he might be the guy that that guy in the beginning of Halo 4 was talking about. That Spartan has an ONI emblem on his chest, but that guy in Halo 4 wasn't part of ONI. I was thinking either there's a more secret organization behind ONI using the armor, or they stole it. It might be Noble 6 or that one Spartan you were talking about.
I think Noble Six is dead, honestly.


Maybe the Spartan is Phil Spencer.

Lol, that would be funny. But, I heard it might be Noble Six, because apparently it didn't show him fully dying. Even though he got stabbed to death by multiple Elites, he might still live?
I'm on the same kind of lines of you.

You can see in the cover art the top spartan as a Oni symbol on its chest plate. I think Oni has sent an Spartan (Agent) after chief or either Halsey, as during Spartan Ops she went totally Rogue.

Chief will go after Halsey to try and save Cortana. Once he knows Oni is after her Halsey he'll be conflicted as he see's her has his mother and will protect her.

In protecting her Oni will then believe Chief has gone Rogue, while in fact Halsey has a plan to gain control of all Forerunner tech in order to defend against the Flood in Halo 6!
I wonder when master chief will take his helement offf.... IF eve
Well, I'm excited. The title gives a whole new meaning to the term "Killed by the Guardians."

Looking at the Armour, people have noticed the ONI symbol, but there is more to it than that. it is very slimmed down, as well as dark, but not completely black. That armor is designed for stealth and recon (as long as the visor doesn't actually glow).

I look at John's armor, and I see something made for combat, to take the enemy head on and take it down. When I look at the ONI spartan's armor, I see something designed to not be noticed, to kill with a whisper.
This might sound a bit crazy... unfortunately for us both, I like crazy (I couldn't resist)...What if that figure on top IS Master Chief with new armor?
That'd be something else, but no. It's been stated elsewhere that this is a new character, and he's with ONI>
I want Giant open vehicle based levels, NO Perks or Armor ability crap in multiplayer, No micro-transactions, (dual-wielding back) I want better music, STOP TRYING TO BE COD! Halo is Better than COD! ... Also that Ninja Jump that was awesome in Halo 3... Halo 1-3 Were SO GOOD! ... No fall damage!..Also awesome fun weapons! Like in Halo 3! I want a fun open sandbox like Halo! Use Halo 3 as a model but think 10 times bigger! Innovate but not at the expense of the great game play that halo already has! I Loved Halo at one point!...Halo 4 was a disappointment and I disliked the Skin packs and micro-transactions.. Please do not put those back in.. I like knowing what weapon I am picking up by its look. Skins on a weapon ruin that. I really Really care about Halo and this game. I do not own an Xbox one and I want this game to make me want one. Make the Halo Game that Fans have been waiting for since Halo 3! Make the NExt must have Halo! Make the next masterpiece!
Microtransactions? Are you sure we played the same game?
It's going to be a long wait. I hope whatever is coming this year is enough to make the wait bearable.
I wanna Focus what i want on Matchmaking, multiplayer, War games , because in the end thats what lots of will be doing. There are many things that i miss

Like Ninjas (jumping behind him 360 or 180 , or simply jumping back) but no assinations unless you want it activated.

Sniper headshots medal !!! Like for real i want to know if i killed my enemy with a headshot!! (Snapshots i liked that medal keep it)

No down sight scoping !! That would ruin the game. Being able to out BR/DMR someone without scoping in the first place gives a great feeling !!!.The AR with down sights would suck specially. It basickly be call of duty. THE SCOPING IS ALREADY PERFECT DONT CHNAGE IT.

Somethimg new i would like is a game mode where everyone has 1 life per round ( 3 rounds to win) and We had an obective to do. Examples : Search and destroy(COD) , last man standing (titanfall). Maybe come up with different objectives every round to win . But somekimd of game mode like this would be awsome!!

Vips from Halo 3. That was on of my most missed playlists!. Team vips etc. Please add those back

Something about halo 4 made me feel heavy like i wasnt the same like from previous games that i liked in halo reach / halo 3 . You where able to move more efficiently.

Also i would like more events like (bungie day) or days where everyone wants to play that game mode.

Big team snipers is like one of my favorite playlist as well.

Something that bothers me a lot is maps , Some are to big and some are too crowded(objects). Small maps like haven , GUARDIAN ( PLEASE BRING IT BACK ) . Bigger maps like vahalla(regnorock) and hemorrhage where nice maps. Maps take forever to encounter someone would get me bored because i had to walk so far just to die. And then have to go back and take forever again.

And thats all i could think off haha.
here's an Idea how about instead of creating a new Spartan you add in John 117's canon team of Spartan2's you Know Kelly 087, Fred 104 and Lind 058 that go by the Name of blue Team. Added with team mechanics or and excuse me if this sounds crazy but how about a Spartan ops with Firefight including forge elements. I would really hate for you guy's to turn out like call of duty where so many people want you to stop milking a franchise and basically carry an overused plot that literally plagues most action movies with little improvement and a barely believable stunt that defies logic
no way in hell would that be possible because again he was stabbed with energy swords and was alone surrounded on a covenant controlled/ glassed planet absolutely no chance of an extraction
I appreciate speculation, but I often see alot of people who make the most RIDICULOUS THEORIES, and when something comes out, they constantly -Yoink- and WHINE when -Yoink- does NOT GO THEIR WAY. I am aware that much of our fellow Spartans appreciate the story and love to speculate and think, but when their views are completely OPINION BASED, they completely drive everything and say THIS KILLED THE SERIES FOR ME SO I DON'T LIKE HALO ANYMORE.
I find it hard to enjoy Halo content, comics, games, because of all them whiners. I know you guys here are doing all you can to bring out your creative vision of Halo, but for CHRIST'S SAKE. DO NOT STOP. DO NOT LET YOUR FANS DRIVE YOU TO THEIR VISION.
This is YOUR Halo.
The world is in YOUR control.
The fans are great, but listening to them for EVERYTHING will be your ultimate downfall.

Thanks to your guys for all your hard work. Here's to the Reclaimer saga.
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