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The Halo Bulletin: Live and Let Pie

OP Content Team

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been telling you more and more about the journey that lies ahead, and I do believe it is safe to say that these are exciting times indeed. Inside the studio, we’re putting the finishing touches on a variety of projects, some of which will be available to you as soon as tomorrow, some that are less than two weeks away, and others that will be coming closer to the end of the calendar year. In this week’s update, we have some details on these very experiences, and I’m excited to get started, so let’s do just that.

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Is there any chance you guys could do some Q/A's in the bulletin soon? I know I have a ton of questions about the development of the MCC as well as technical questions that I will really not ever be able to get an answer to unless i can ask directly, and i'm sure plenty of other people have similar questions.
recently a screenshot of halo1 mcc has been leaked. the screenshot shows that the splitscreen version of halo1 has been neutered. the field of vision has been lowered and 12.5% of the screen has been cut off from the top and bottom (no halo game has ever just cut the screen off, it's always been "resized to fit").

Why did you not stay true to the roots of 108degrees field of vision for halo1 ce split? Can we expect this to be fixed on the day 1 patch?
soooooo hyped, you have no idea!
Looking forward to watching the Halo 2: Anniversary documentary film! I'm pretty sure that it will air at 5:00 AM in the morning for me in Australia so I will be staying up all night to make sure that I will be awake to watch it. Should be a fun time, I hope.
Definitely will see you at 2pm tomorrow on Twitch. Very excited to watch! See ya then!
Will it also be available to download to tomorrow? (The documentary)

Yay! Charity!
The amount of customization options are real. Holy cow. It's going to be real hard to find people who look like other people's customization now; Cool.
Personally I was hoping for a more indepth look at the customization, hopefully it's something you're covering with IGN.
So. Much. Artwork.

Can't wait.

Remaking the Legend – Halo 2: Anniversary (Xbox Video)
Saw the video a few hours ago.
What an amazingly dedicated, talented group of people.
Tons of effort and detail put into this.
Truly inspiring.
Awesome! Can't wait for for the video on twitch! #HalosBack
I know all that customization stuff, but I want to see actual armor being mixed matched. Plz, let's put an end to this guessing of whether sets are only available.
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So are there going to be Clans in The Master Chief Collection?

Additional unlockables include a new Halo 2 skull, 15 Terminal videos, and a customizable clan tag, with over 300 items in total.
Did anyone else see the words clan tags. Halo Clans! Yes!
Just got done watching the video, superb.
The Halo Documentary was outstanding. I started it on my Xbox One half an hour before it came online regularly by and what not, and I loved the entire thing. So much dedication to resurrect a legendary FPS that defined console gaming forever.
I have watched it twice..once by myself and once with my brother on twitchs stream of it. Hopefully I will watch it a couple more times before I am fully satisfied with it.
So. Much. Artwork.

Can't wait.

Remaking the Legend – Halo 2: Anniversary (Xbox Video)
Watched it loved it

also just watched the new cinematic trailer for Halo 2....

Goosebumps that is all i am saying :)
What a amazing documentary 343! I love the fact how much team effort was put into the making the MCC. They have listened to the community and brought back halo! Thanks 343, you made this Halo veteran a happy camper!
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