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[Locked] The Halo Bulletin: Live and Let Pie

OP Content Team

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Please.. PLEASE give us a more detailed showing of the customization.. i really want to know if armour for halo 3 and 4 can be mixed n matched
I'm glad Brav has started posting updates.

So Stoked
So what was the more info mentioned here:

(Be sure to stop by tomorrow, as there may be more info on the way)
You guys are the best. Seriously. Keep it up!
clan tags!!!
So pumped for MCC!!! Got it pre-downloaded and ready to go!

Awesome news about the achievement backgrounds!!!

Thanks 343 for giving us what we want!!
I agree xSurvivor Manx Clan Tags are going to be neat for sure.
I cannot wait for this game. 6 DAYS!! there is so much stuff going into this.
This looks freakin' sick!
So much customization.. So much epic campaign. Hope they don't mess up the ending cut scenes.
How about fixing matchmaking so that we can play? I apparently have the "server update", yet I keep timing out in matchmaking searches after waiting upwards to 10min. Also, I can't even join my friends to play custom games. No one on my friends list am I able to join today. This has never been an issue in any game across consoles that I've played. Also, yesterday when I did manage to join a friend to do custom games I got kicked from the party at the end of the one game I was able to play with them. This is absolutely ridiculous. I didn't buy this game to play campaign so I don't care if I am able to play that aspect of the MCC. I bought this collection to play the old-school Halo 2 multiplayer along with the new one included in the MCC. In my opinion, this game has been unplayable since the day I got it and this is unacceptable coming from a company of your caliber 343i.
i love halo and 343 i just got to say great job on this game thanks for this cool game
Do kamikazes where helmets
I hate minecraft
343 did pretty good for their first few stabs at halo right.
First time for everything I suppose
There're trying to make us pay three grand. Cockroach infestation.
I swear, the next time I'm logging on I'm going to be discharged
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