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Ability to Disable Nametags in Multiplayer Setup

OP Corruptinator

Has anybody in the Xbox Insider Build notice that under the "Spartan Appearance" section within the "Forge" Setup there is the option to disable the Player's Nametag above their heads?

That is a cool little feature that nobody may have possibly noticed. I haven't tested it out but if I can haphazard a guess it means that it will allow users to disable nametags to further enhance the custom multiplayer experience.

Although the only problem is that regardless of disabling the nametag, the kill messages still show who killed who:

Player 1 Killed Player 2...
Player 3 Betrayed Player 6...

Now if the nametag disable function can be further enhanced by disabling the kill messages as well, everyone could potentially create new gamemodes that does not require having nametags above the players heads or kill messages exposing who killed who. Especially when it gives subtle hints of who the enemy is such as red-colored nametags, or fade-in names indicating a non-teammate player. Heck, Infection type gamemodes would utilize it to make all players anonomous and its up the uninfected players to use their wits and hunt down a backstabber/traitor...
Nope, I didn't dive that deep into the settings. Good catch. I can see that option being used in hide and seek game types to not give away your position. Not sure how kill feed really matters, but good idea nonetheless.
Maybe Ghost hunting as well, suddenly the "Ghostbusters" Infection gamemode now gives a more balanced way to give invisible players better camoflage without having their names exposed.