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Bugged PC flight rollout? Received Halo 2 invite.

OP xnewbtewb

I've been a part of the insider program for at least a year now, and I think we all know that this tech preview rollout has been more than subpar. I've been waiting on my PC flight invite since last night, and though I got an Xbox invite, I can't even redeem it.

However... According to waypoint, about 14 hours ago, two hours after I received my libelous Xbox flight message, I received an invite to a Halo 2 flight. I know I didn't receive this message 14 hours ago as I was online, and there was surely only one message. <--- Message

The links in this message (unsurprisingly) don't work, and it seemingly is not just a typo or an accident, but rather a legitimate former Halo 2 flight invitation. This is quite annoying, as I was pretty excited to play Halo Infinite, but it seems as if me and many others won't get the opportunity until a later flight or the release date.

I know others have received similar messages, so respond below with your experience if possible. Maybe forum mods can escalate this thread to whoever needs to read it.
Same thing to me. The new website is bugged as well. No one will answer me from support either.
Had the same issue. Try checking the bottom of this page for a Steam key it was there for me.
Yeah I ended up getting a Halo 2 invite as well, I've been looking all over to see if there's a code somewhere. Also, the new website is a bit of a mess right now.
the 5L0TH wrote:
Had the same issue. Try checking the bottom of this page for a Steam key it was there for me.
Yeah, I don't have a steam key there :( It's possible they only gave me an Xbox key but the Halo 2 invite really sent me.
I recieved a xbox invite for halo infinite though I'm opted out of console flights. I opened a ticket when I noticed hour 0 due to being put in the flight I opted out of and heard nothing at all so far from support.
Along with this I recieved a flight for some new Halo Waypoint website and Halo 2 PC via the Microsoft Store.