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[Locked] Do you think this "HALO MCP" will have some DLC´S?


¿what are you think about this? I Think no, And you?
I do not think so, surely it will have updates and downloadable content in workshop, events, etc ... but DLCs do not think
I think the only "DLC" that may be added after MCC is polished on both Xbox and PC will be ODST: Firefight and HCE Custom Map support. Those are the only two big pieces of content that are currently missing from MCC now that Reach is being added. Also they may not charge for ODST: Firefight and they most definitely will not charge for HCE custom map support.
I don't think the MCC on xbox had DLC so I don't think this one will. And it's supposed to be a finished bundle just like GOTY editions so that would be pretty dumb ?
Please keep this forum for discussing the Insiders proogram, thanks. You're welcome to use the MCC forums for further discussion :)