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[Locked] Full Armor Customization for MCC

OP Corruptinator

Pretty cool that Halo Reach is finally being added to Master Chief Collection, however my burning curiosity is that since the original Halo Reach Game had a diverse selection of armor customization choices, would the next MCC update feature a full Armor Customization for everyone to dress up their Spartan/Elite in Master Chief Collection? Would love to wield the Eternal (Blue) Flames effect for my spartan.

What do you think? Should 343 bring back full customization? Which customized armor would you like to suit up with?
I think this is a topic that would work better in the MCC Forums.
I am also eagerly hoping they bring back full armor customization to MCC. At least bring it back for Halo Reach.
If they brought back full Armor customization (something I feel is very lacking from MCC), MCC would be like the perfect game especially once it is on PC!
Please use the main MCC forums for this thanks, there are open topics about that thee