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Got invite email, nothing on Waypoint/Halo Insider

OP StereoBit

Hey guys,

I was super excited to play Infinite multiplayer this weekend. I got both invite emails.

Today I clicked the link to try and install Infinite, but I have nothing in my messages.
I also have checked my Halo Insider profile as everyone else has said, but I have nothing there either.
Says I'm not in any flights and there's no option to get the steam key or anything like that.

Really bummed out about this...I was looking forward to playing but I guess due to some error on 343's end I wont be playing it this weekend?
Same thing happening to me, nothing there.
Same here, have the message on way point about the microsoft store invite, no code on the insider page, and the links in the instructions don't work. Worried I'm not going to get to play this weekend.
Same and the support people won't answer anything.
Well that sucks.

I know this was only supposed to be for the weekend, but I really think they need to extend it and have it open up again next weekend. There's just too many issues and too many people not being able to play. It would show good will to the community, and those who were excited to play but for some reason cant.
I also got the invite, but the website is down when I try to download.