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[Locked] Halo 2 Flight - Feedback Thread

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Shrine spawns need to be fixed, feels like I'm playing a Call of Duty game on that map they are so random. I've even had instances where I spawned with the enemy team.
Played Cairo Station and then saved and quit once Metropolis mission started. Got this screen:

Nothing happened and then clicking the "back" button successfully got me back to the campaign select screen.
Game: All MCC games
Feedback: Can we please get an option to turn off or at least change the volume of the announcer in multiplayer games?
Additional info: In games like CTF or Ricochet it can get quite obnoxious if the objective is constantly being dropped such as if the flag is being juggled.
Great start for the flight for Halo 2 and 2 Anniversary! No big issues I have encountered personally. Just minor ones like a few game crashes while playing Delta Halo and trying to play/load up Bloodline map in custom games but a simple restart of my PC would usually fix the problem. I noticed while dual welding that any weapon you have in your right hand would be deafened for some reason? As soon as you dropped the weapon in your left it would return to normal (only occurred in Halo 2 Anniversary maps) but should be fixed by time final version is released.
In the mission Cairo station I noticed that there is no real "gravity" it's just a higher jump for me anyways and I am not going as far as i would normally when I jump, like in the original.
The Scorpion on anniversary MP(Custom game) sounds a bit dull when firing a shot. Maybe it's just me? Remastered Warthog horn on MP (custom game) sounds too quiet.
I noticed on Delta Halo that it would lag significantly (I aint doing anything to cause it) on the Halo 2A graphics but had no issues with any other missions on remastered graphics which is odd, and FPS would range just above 60FPS on unlimited framerate and be fine at 120FPS on classic graphics(Which is expected on older graphics). I don't expect 120fps on remastered graphics but should be above 70 or 80FPS at least especially if you have settings on unlimited framerate. If it runs at 120FPS then great but constantly sitting at 60FPS or just above on unlimited framerate doesn't make sense to me especially if the blur studio cutscenes can run at 115-120FPS -_- say what?
My PC Specs should be good enough to run the gameplay without frames dropping/or gameplay lagging.
My PC Specs: Nvidia Geforce RTX2060 with Intel core 9th gen I5 processor 8GB Ram and 2TB HDD and 128SSD
So most likely just the flight itself perhaps? lets hope that it is.
My overall thoughts of the flight besides those small issues/bugs. It's nearly perfect! (Haven't tried MP yet) No issues with weapon/vehicle sounds old and new, that I could tell just from what I have listed above. All cutscenes seem to work fine classic and new. No big or random glitches, well not that I've seen/experienced since playing anyways otherwise I would have listed them above. It's nearly a polished port to PC which is great to know! Keep up the great work and will hopefully see Halo 2 on the final version of MCC soon. Peace.
Single key is not bindable to dual wield and change weapon
In Multiplayer for Halo 2 Anniversary, fire dual wield and throw grenade can be set to one button and doesn't allow you to shoot your dual wielded weapon
Cairo Station:
Hitching (at the start of the mission, also is likely due to my system specs),
In both Classic and Anniversary, gauss turret impacts are not visible at higher distances,
Some light/texture flickering (most noticeably at the dome section after the tunnels),
Classic music skips and cuts awkward at various different sections. Very obvious when on scarab. I think sections just repeat over and over instead of progressing dynamically. Didn’t notice at first because I was mainly playing in anniversary graphics. Likely in other missions.

MCC Halo 2 clips:
Wraith fight clip:
Scarab clip:

Halo 2 Vista (Project Cartographer) clips (how it should sound):
Wraith fight clip:
Scarab clip:
The Oracle:
Played most of this on classic graphics to see if the music jumps/cuts issues was present. This mission’s tracks don’t really have clear distinguishable melodies in them so I couldn’t tell if the music had issues.
There weren’t any other issues I noticed with classic graphics, will replay with anniversary graphics only
One issue I believe existed in Halo 2 Vista that would be nice if fixed; you can barely hear the heretic leader’s lines when fighting him.
Delta Halo:
Last checkpoint restarts the music in the first section (although I really do love Peril), may be in Halo 2 Vista as well, not sure.
Decent amount of pop-in in both graphics (notably the trees)
Heavy lag/hitching when changing graphics to anniversary, may be due to my system specs
Didn’t notice issues with jumping or skipping music, I’d say this was probably the best so far in terms of bugs
Quarantine Zone:
Didn't notice issues with music here, though similar to The Oracle, the tracks didn't have distinct melodies (except in the latter half which sounded fine).
Blow Me Away has the audio repeating bug (classic graphics)
This isn't any different to classic H2, but just wondering if anything can be done about marines getting stuck at the other end of the 'floating bridges'
Halo 2 Anniversary: An issue I ran into was that there is no "board enemy vehicle" notification on any part of the screen when you are able to board an enemy vehicle. you are still able to do so, however it does not notify you of such.
game: MCC H2A

level: Metropolis

-In the Scorpion, when a shell hits an enemy or enemy vehicle i.e. ghost, banshee, wraith, it does not explode, yet deals damage effects just the same. not so much of a bug that is an issue, but a graphics error. nonetheless, an issue.
-in the entrance to the tunnel, the grunt that normally runs into the tunnel sits still. doesn't even register your presence.
-on the scorpion, sometimes the tracks will be moving backwards while you drive forwards.
-the plasma pistol overcharge, if held, will not sync up with the discharge port of the gun. meaning, that the green glow will drift away from the "barrels" if not standing absolutely still.
-in the gauss turret, the ammo hold does not rotate after firing, ever.
-at the building where you exit the vehicles, the phantom doesn't even land to drop the ghosts off. it flies off with them on board and doesn't fire at you.
-often times enemies will fail to notice that you moved and continue to shoot the same spot despite you being in their field of view.
MCC Game: H2A Flight
Feedback: From the various games I have played, it seems that people are much more interested in Halo 2 anniversary than classic Halo 2. This makes sense as it will be the most graphically updated game in the collection, but:
- the maps are too few; haven't you thought about remastering more? Players will tire easily, with so little variety, unless the Forge comes to the rescue. In that case you should put the most voted community content in matchmaking to increase its longevity;
- Lack of game modes. Guys I appreciate your job, but there is life beyond swat and BR team. There are really many of those modalities, I have never found Juggernaut even by mistake, for example.
- Darkness: there is too much darkness in the H2A maps. There are EXTREMELY illuminated areas and others that are too, too dark. Changing the gamma doesn't help, in that sense.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Global
  • FEEDBACK: I don't know if its is an issue but when enemies are dead their bodies fly quite a lot like a ragdoll.
    There are some bugs with the audio where background audio gets louder than cortana's voice and you can't understand much of what she's saying.
    Also as Arbitter when going invisible with the shotgun theres one shell that remains visible.
Campaign Mission: Delta Halo
When standing in a certain spot when you're "Pushing through the Covenant-held ruins," weird spider legs appear
Campaign Mission: Delta Halo
More textures missing
Unable to switch weapons while dual-wielding. The only way to exit dual-wield is to throw a grenade or melee.
I didn't have any issues with that. Switching to your other weapon also drops your 2nd dual wield weapon.
I have an email and Waypoint invite to join the flight from a few days ago and still have no key on the Insider tab. What should I do?
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MCC Game: Halo 2 / H2A

A lot of the H2 port feels so good! I have been loving playing it. Very enjoyable thus far. Some things I would like to see:

Reticle size adjustment - when using MKB it the standard crosshair feels a big big and it looks funky when sliding to a higher FoV. I think a small/medium/standard crosshair option would be great.

Reduce aim assist on controller. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse, but a lot of Halo fans have adopted MkB and this is a chance to win them back over and grow the communities again. Make the game fun for them and not a head-bash-against-desk experience every time someone has a controller plugged in. I'm not saying remove it, just reduce it. I get the need for both to coexist. I want that, actually.

I'm getting that weird issue when on 144hz that I get on Reach where some static objects / corners / walls on the map look 'jittery' when I walk past them. It does not make the game unplayable, but it is not easy on the eyes. Would love to see a fix for this as well.

Stoked to be on the flight and can't wait to keep playing over the next few days.
So I wanted to check out the theater mode in H2A and found the keyboard controls very unintuitive. I would not be surprised if I'm not the first to say that. One of the first things I did to try and figure out what the controls were was check the key mappings. I was a little disappointed that there were no options in the settings for theater controls. I think if you made a page in controls, like how you have separate controls for each game, that would be much appreciated. I'm also sure that this could be useful for forge too when that comes out.
So. I not YET played the multiplayer. Because it's timed events (or timed rotation) smoething liked that.

The campaign graph so amazing, but i feel like fps drop in the campaign is bad than the other 2 halo insider campaign before this, control scheme is good, can custom anything. The difference between anniversary and classic graphic (when press TAB button) is only the brightness/gamma in level 5 gamma i can't see anything so i must go to level 7 gamma, well except in classic graphic, level 5 gamma in classic everything is clear.

I don't know what happen, but i think this is my first time seeing 2 different way to invite people to try the game (steam and microsoft store) i prefer steam thoo, because it is more simple step than microsoft store but hey, not a big deal.

About the campaign, imo i think halo should reduce the campaign in insider to few level only maybe 3 or 4 (well, i dunno if there is any technical reason behind the campaign level in insider)

So yeah thats it, im still working on my schedule for playing multiplayer
Crash encountered when switching between classic and remastered graphics on Quarantine Zone, also, seems to be artifacting on Remastered graphics on gravemind, particularly doors. Graphics driver is up to date, running on 1070
A fix for the jittering or interpolation or capped fps thing needs to become a priority for H2A and Reach. I've never really played a halo game until reach, but I cant keep going because it makes me feel ill when interacting with the game on a base level, so its not like I can just ignore it. I'll probably be skipping future halo games until this is resolved or at least until we have confirmation that a fix is being worked on.
In remastered multiplayer, kept getting ammo pickup sound for BR when i wasnt picking up ammo
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